A Week of Project 366 (#78-84)

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Sunday 18/03/12 Mother's Day (78/366)
Bud made this card for me at Toddlers, with some help from his Grandma

Monday 19/03/12 Chocolate (79/366)

Tuesday 20/03/12 Feet (80/366)
Excuse the state of Bud's socks, he made a beeline for the garden when I went outside and got very dirty socks. I changed them straight after though.

Wednesday 21/03/12 Egg (81/366)
Some more of Bud's artwork from Toddlers

Thursday 22/03/12 Rock (82/366)

Friday 23/03/12 Singing (83/366)

Saturday 24/03/12 Gardening (84/366)

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Saturday 17/03/12 'Birthday' (77/366)

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It was Red Rose Daddy's birthday today and we invited family and friends round for the evening. It was a lovely evening but was somewhat overshadowed by the collapse of Fabrice Muamba playing for Bolton against Tottenham. We are (mostly) Bolton fans so we were all very shaken and upset by what happened. 
Bud helped his Daddy to blow out his candles, can you spot his haircut?

Friday 16/03/12 'Emptying' (76/366)

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Bud has been a one-boy demolition crew this morning and has made such a mess! I snapped this as I caught him in the act of emptying the kitchen shelf.

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Thursday 15/03/12 'Train Ride' (75/366)

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We live around 5-10 minutes walk from a train station which takes us straight to our nearest bigger town but we normally catch the bus for some reason. Today I decided we would get the train for our shopping trip and I was astounded that a return trip was just £1:50 instead of £4:50 for the bus! We'll definitely be getting the train again, especially as Bud loved it and went 'choo choo' both ways.

Wednesday 14/03/12 'Unwrapping' (74/366)

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My little nephew 'Chip' was 2 today. We bought him a water table. Unwrapping was taking a while so Bud decided to add his assistance. I think it would have been quicker if Chip had put his balloon down!

Tuesday 13/03/12 'Planets' (73/366)

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I've always been really interested in Astronomy, and especially the planets so I was really interested to learn that, this week, Jupiter and Venus would pass each other in the night sky. I decided to try and get a snap as we usually have a clear view of Venus from where we live. This isn't the best photo but, for the record, Venus is the larger 'dot'.

Monday 12/03/12 'Yum' (72/366)

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On My Birthday

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On my birthday
I have been tagged by Ali over at Dragons and Fairy Dust in a great new meme created Kate at The Five Fs. This asks a number of questions about the day on which you were born and invites you to add your post to her link-up. Kate has set herself the ambitious target of having a post for each day of the year and there are already a good number of really interesting responses. You  can answer the questions by searching for the date of your birthday into Wikiepedia or On This Day. As something of a trivia junkie this meme was right up my street, so here goes.

When is your birthday? 28th March

Pick three people who share your birthday and share what you know about them.

Lady Gaga - eccentric and very cool singer. Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and she was born in New York. Some of her most famous songs include Poker Face, Telephone (with Beyonce) and Born this Way. I quite admire Lady Gaga, even though she is a bit bonkers. She is a strong woman who has the confidence to forge her own path in a music industry where assimilation seems to be more important than uniqueness. Am I allowed to feel a bit grumpy that she is 9 years younger than me?
Nick Frost - Simon Pegg's mate, a very funny man and star of Spaced (one of my all time favourite shows), Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. He was born in 1972, 5 years before me so is going to be celebrating a big birthday this year. 
Chris Barrie - of Red Dwarf and The Brittas Empire fame. Another very funny man. I only wish I shared the knack for comedy that the above two of my shared birthday men have.
Lots of other people share my birthday - Neil Kinnock (I always knew about this one growing up for some reason), Reba McEntire, Michael Parkinson, Mike Newell, Vince Vaughn, Julia Stiles and Scott Mills to name just a few.

Is anyone listed as being born on the same day as you (ie the same year)? If so, what do you know about them?
Erik Rasmussen, American ice hockey player
Lauren Weisberger, American novelist
Annie Wersching, American actress

 Lauren Weisberger wrote The Devil Wears Prada, I haven't read it but I quite enjoyed the film. Annie Wersching played Renee in the final two seasons 0f 24. Erik Rasmussen is, apparently, a retired ice hockey player. I'm quite impressed that I would actually recognise one of my 'twins' if I saw them in the street!

List three people who died on your birthday and tell us what you know about them.
Virginia Woolf - on March 28th 1941 Virginia Woolf filled her pockets with stones and walked into the river near her home and drowned herself. I feel really sad that I share this date with her. I have both enjoyed, and studied, many of her novels in my life and hate that her depression led her to take her own life.
Maria von Trapp - yes, that Maria died at the ripe old age of 82 on my 10th birthday in 1987. You'll all be familiar with her story as Hollywood-ised by The Sound of Music but it might be worth reading her Wikipedia entry to find out the truth behind the musical.
Patrick Troughton - the second Doctor Who. He died on the same day as Maria von Trapp but was aged 67. Apparently he was the first man to play Robin Hood on TV too. 

List three notable events that took place on your birthday.

In 1939 Madrid fell to General Franco's army which led to the formal end of the Spanish Civil war 4 days later. Franco's regime would last until his death in 1975.
The nuclear power debate has always been a contentious one, with many good arguments for and against the use of this alternative power source. These arguments were brought into sharp focus by the events of my second birthday, 28th March 1979, when a nuclear reactor overheated at Three Mile Island in Pensylvania, USA, causing a partial meltdown. Obviously I wasn't aware of this aged 2 but, as a Geography student with a particular interest in energy resources I soon remedied this at university.
March 28th 2005 saw an earthquake devastate Sumatra, Indonesia. It measured 8.7 on the Richter Scale and was the 4th strongest recorded since 1965. Over 1300 people died as a result.

Tell us about a holiday that falls on your birthday.

Nothing major to report here. March 28th is the Christian feast day for the Saints Guntram, Priscus and Pope Sixtus III. In Japan they commemorate Sen no Rikyū (the historical figure regarded as having had the most impact upon the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony) and in Tibet they celebrate Serf's Emancipation Day. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia it is Teacher's Day. As my birthday is at the end of March, when Easter is particularly early it can fall around my birthday, as can Mother's Day if Easter is late. Always nice to have time off work around your birthday!

I am tagging the following people to tell me (and Kate) what happened on your birthdays.
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If I haven't tagged you and you want to have a go, just remember to link up with Kate when you are done.

Silent Sunday

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< img src="http://mammasaurus.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/SS.jpg" alt="Mocha Beanie Mummys Silent Sunday on LAB" />

Sunday 11/03/12 'Planting' (71/366)

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Bud has been helping his Daddy in the garden today, they have planted onions, garlic and potatoes. They also found some Parsnips left over from last year (which they originally mistook for weeds) which look great!

Saturday 10/03/12 'Hat?' (70/366)

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Friday 09/03/12 '15 weeks, 3 days' (69/366)

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I know that this is a photograph of a photo but, frankly I couldn't think how else to finally break the news to you all!

This little photo explains the reason for my lack of posts, tweets and general radio silence since Christmas as, not only have I been feeling all the usual pregnancy-related symptoms, but my sickness has been quite debilitating and this, combined with a severe dose of tonsilitis which took ages to shift, has led to an unhappy Red Rose Mummy. I've also had something of a writer's block as I didn't want to share our news until I was safely past 12 weeks but, when you have such exciting news waiting, it is hard to write about other topics!

We had our 12 week scan yesterday and it turns out that baby is actually 15 weeks and 3 days along. I'm a bit cross about this as, at my GP appointment, I was sure that my LMP was late November but I then had what I assume was an implantation bleed in December (definitely not a period) which is the date that my GP took for my appointments, despite my protestations. Anyway, that's all done now and I'm firmly into my second trimester and hoping for the sickness to abate and to start blooming (I can hope!)

So, a whole new adventure for our little family. The baby is due on the 28th August (I'm hoping it might stick in there until September though) and we're all very excited. Bud will be 2 and a half when the baby arrives and we are looking forward to seeing what kind of big brother he will become. Obviously he is very young but we have shown him the photo and told him there is a baby in Mummy's tummy, he looked very sceptical at this but I'm hoping he will start to understand more as the bump starts to expand.

I feel like I'm not going to be away from the hospital later in my pregnancy. I'm Rhesus Negative so have an appointment for an anti-D injection but have also been booked for a Glucose Tolerance Test and three additional growth scans because Bud was such a big first baby (10lbs 5oz), I'm hoping that Bump won't be quite as big as their brother! I didn't have any issues with glucose in my samples when I was pregnant with Bud and I was wondering if anyone else had been in this position - a 'precautionary' GTT, and what your thoughts are on it?

I'm so surprised at the number of people who've said 'oh, you'll be wanting a girl this time', we really don't mind either way, in fact I'm assuming that this baby will be a boy too. Neither of our families really have girls so another lovely boy is likely to be on the cards. I know my parents would love a little Granddaughter as they only have boys but we will see what arrives. We won't be finding out, as we didn't with Bud, so we're looking forward to the surprise.

Thursday 08/03/12 'Sleep' (68/366)

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Wednesday 07/03/12 'Growth' (67/366)

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Tuesday 06/03/12 'Concentrating' (66/366)

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Monday 05/03/12 'Cheeky' (65/366)

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I'm not feeling well again at the moment but my Mum and Dad came round to take us out for lunch. We had a lovely time and Bud was in a very cheeky mood.

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Sunday 04/03/12 'Good Morning!' (64/366)

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Saturday 03/03/12 'Rainbow' (63/366)

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Friday 02/03/12 'Sandpit' (62/366)

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Thursday 01/03/12 'Sunshine' (61/366)

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Bud and I were so pleased to wake up to sunshine this morning and were at the park by 11am! It really  felt like Spring was here. I snapped this at the top of the slide and haven't edited it at all, I love how the sun has overexposed the colours.