Britmums and the Kodak Big App Challenge

13:36 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Kodak and BritMums have teamed up to promote a new online app which will feature lots of projects to use your special photos for different crafts and activities. Kodak have cheaper printer ink than many brands so you can get printing out those photos.

The Big App is an online tool which can be used to print out a large image by printing out several sheets of A4 paper (up to 16!) for displaying on the wall.

I have two photos that I have been thinking about using this technique on. We have a large wall in our kitchen and I think we need something striking to display. 

The first photo is a close up of a honey bee on one of the sunflowers in our back garden last Summer. I love this shot as it was completely spontaneous and really reminds me of enjoying our first Summer in the garden with Bud.

Sunflower and bee

The second photo is one I took recently on a day out with our niece and nephew and really sums up the fun Bud has with them.

See-saw fun

The Big App is really simple to use, you upload your photo into the App and then choose how many pages you would like your image to cover

The Big App Screenshot

You then create a PDF which you can then use to print out the large image for your wall. If you'd like to have a look at how it works there is a portfolio on The Big App website.

Kodak and BritMums are running a competition to win fab Kodak prizes so, if you feel like checking out the App for yourself then do so and share your project  on their link up for a chance to win.