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This is Me

I'm Pippa. Red Rose Mummy. I've been blogging since October 2011 and love to share tales from our family life with my readers. I'm in my late thirties and am generally fond of getting out and about whether outdoors or in. I was made redundant from my most recent job a few months after returning from maternity leave after Bud was born and I've been a Stay at Home Mum ever since.

I'm a sports nut and spend far too much time watching tennis and road cycling on Eurosport. I love history and visiting museums and art galleries. As a family we love to get outdoors as much as possible and we're hoping to resume our camping trips just as soon as we get a tent big enough to accommodate all five of us! Beyond that I can usually be tempted by cake, coffee or tea, as well as good chocolate!

This is Ian 

This is Red Rose Daddy, Ian. He's very outdoorsy and active and is usually happiest  in his walking boots with a mountain to climb, or in his trainers with a marathon to run. He's an Explorer Scout leader so spends a good amount of time out and about arranging activities for the teenagers in his unit.

He's a fantastic Daddy to our three, full of fun and he works full-time so I can stay at home with them. He enjoy sci-fi, films and lots of TV shows that I watch with one eye because I'm usually blogging! In his down time he likes a good xBox session or a few pints of real ale with his friends.We try to get out and about as much as we can as he gets cabin fever when he's stuck at home.

This is Bud

Bud is our oldest son, he was born in April 2010, which makes him five at the time of writing. He is getting to the end of his Rception year at school and loves every second of it!

Bud loves animals and any books or toys featuring them are always a hit. He loves to meet them in real life too so we often visit farms and animal parks or simply go to feed the ducks. He's a typical little boy, loves to play outside and rough and tumble and playing on his bike and scooter. Current favourites are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel Avengers and Thomas the Tank Engine and his most recent obsession is Big Heros 6. Toy trains and construction vehicles are always a big hit. He loves books and puzzles and is amassing quite a collection, we read together every day and he's starting to get excited about reading alone too.

This is Little Miss (LM)

LM is our beautiful, funny little girl. She was born in September 2012 so is three years old. She's a real livewire,  always on the go and running around all over the place! She loves people and reserves her most special smiles for her big brother, even though he's often a bit rough with her.

She's a very chilled out, calm, smiley girl. She loves to investigate anything she can reach and her brother's toys are fair game. She runs, walks and climbs everywhere, she's really adventurous and has no fear! Her favourite toys are noisy ones. She loves anything that makes a noise, from a simple maraca to the latest interactive toy with flashing lights. Recently she's really started to take an interest in dollies and cuddly toys and can  usually be found with one under her arm or pushing a toy pram around.  She's a little diva who loves shoes and clothes and absolutely adores Frozen!

This is Little E

Little E arrived to complete our family at the end of May 2015. He's settled right in and, just four months in (at the time of writing) it feels like he's always been here. 

At the moment he's a happy, contented little boy who mainly cares where his next feed is coming from. I'm looking forward to sharing his forthcoming milestones with you all and giving you the opportunity to watch him grow.

If you would like to get in touch with us then check out our PR, Contact and Privacy Policy Page. We would love to hear from you!

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