Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Show Us Your Mu-ves at the National Football Museum with George Sampson

A few weeks ago we were invited to the National Football Museum in Manchester to meet George Sampson and try out some yummy Mu cheese!

We're regular visitors to the National Football Museum, it's a great place to visit as a family and, as a family of football fans, somewhere to indulge our love of the game. We arrived late to the event, thanks to the cross city Metrolink construction, so we missed our chance to taste the Mu range of cheese. George Sampson was already well in to showing the children his routine that he has put together especially for the 'Show Us Your Mu-ves' campaign. Bud very quickly joined his friends, the children from My Mummy's Pennies, in copying George's moves!

Show Us Your Mu-ves at the National Football Museum with George Sampson

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Easy Peasy Cheesey Waffle Pizzas - #AfterSchoolChefs

Since Bud started school nearly a month ago I've noticed a drastic difference in his appetite at home. He arrives back in the afternoon starving! And he wants food, right now! It can be hard trying to come up with inventive, healthy options for a ravenous four year old, who can also be a fussy eater, that can be cooked in the time needed to assuage his hunger but I think I may have an answer.

Bud after his first day at school

Bud is never happier than when he is helping in the kitchen. He loves assisting with food preparation and is always very proud of himself when we eat something he has had a hand in getting ready. My idea for a quick and easy after school tea lets your children help you to create it and then enjoy the fruits of their labour afterwards. A few titbits from the preparation and concentrating on preparing might help to distract from Bud's 'rumbly tumbly' too!

Easy Peasy Cheesy Waffle Pizzas

These are one of those great snacks or teas that can use up anything in the fridge. The only essentials are the waffles, and the cheese. You can tailor your Waffle Pizzas to what your children like and what needs using up.

For our Easy Peasy Cheesy Waffle Pizzas we used:
(Makes 4)

4 Bird's Eye Potato Waffles
4 slices of thin ham, shredded.
2 tbsps of Bird's Eye Frozen Sweetcorn
1/2 pepper diced
100g Grated Cheese

Easy Peasy Cheesey Waffle Pizzas - #AfterSchoolChefs


1. Cook the potato waffles according to the instructions.

2. Sprinkle your toppings on each waffle.

3. Top with grated cheese

Easy Peasy Cheesey Waffle Pizzas - #AfterSchoolChefs

4. Place under a hot grill until the cheese melts and bubbles.

Easy Peasy Cheesey Waffle Pizzas - #AfterSchoolChefs

Serve one waffle pizza as a snack or two with baked beans as a yummy tea!

This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Challenge, sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on the Birds Eye Facebook Page

Disclosure: We received Bird's Eye vouchers to help with this post

Monday, 29 September 2014

Philips Hangout and My Den Competition

Den building is an evergreen activity in our house. Bud loves to enlist his Daddy's help in building a den in whichever room takes his fancy. Weekends see them off creating some rather elaborate creations to hide out in, read books and play games. Lighting is always crucial, you can't have fun in your den if it's too dark! Philips Lighting have sent us the perfect lighting solution - a SoftPal Sully from the Philips Disney Monsters Inc range.

Den Building fun

Philips have launched a competition to find the best den builders using whichever tools you have to hand - blankets, cushions, pegs, boxes etc. Video it, take a photo or even draw a den and post it via Twitter or Philips Facebook using the hashtag #MyDen to enter the competition. Read the terms and conditions here: There are lots of fantastic prizes up for grabs!

Some of our favourite den building materials include blankets, a clothes horse, Bud's bookcases and ropes (you can tell Red Rose Daddy is a Scout Leader). You can even buy den building kits though now, if you don't spend your spare time building bivouacs like Ian does! Snacks, books and favourite toys are always essential when taking up residence in your den. Sometimes even little Sisters are invited in!

Den Building fun

Bud's  SoftPal Sully new is a perfect light for in a den. He's cordless so you can remove him from his charging stand and put him in the den with you, without worrying about trailing leads. He has an LED light inside which means that he doesn't get hot and your child can simply squeeze or tilt him to turn him on and off. He would make the perfect nightlight for a little one too. If his light starts to fade simply pop Sully back on his charging station.

Philips SoftPal Sully

I think den building is a great learning activity for children, allowing them to explore cause and effect, construction on a larger scale than that afforded by the usual construction toys and creativity too. It's also lots of fun and allows children to create a space that is truly their own.

Philips  SoftPal Sully

On Tuesday 30th September at 11:00am, I will be taking part in a live Google+ Hangout discussing den building and lighting. The hangout will be led by Britmums and will feature a number of bloggers and Lighting Designer, Tim Meaker who will be sharing lots of tips and ideas for den building and creatively using lighting to make your children's bedrooms more inspiring. You can watch LIVE on the BritMums G+ page ( and message them your questions and comments.

The G+ hangout is sponsored by Philips Lighting and highlights their Philips and Disney Imaginative Lighting range, that children can use in their rooms…or dens. The Disney-themed lights were designed to inspire your little heroes’ creativity, projecting a world of light around them, lighting up their dens and play spaces.

I hope you will be able to watch the hangout!

Disclosure: We received the SoftPal Sully to help with this post

Thursday, 25 September 2014

What's Happened? What's Happening? - Autumn Arrives

Brrrr, there's a real nip in the air here and the coats are on for the morning school run here. We're ploughing on with the days out though and went to Southport Air Show on Sunday. I wasn't expecting sunburn in September but my face definitely showed the after effects of a glorious day by the coast on Monday!

Last week saw some fabulous events linked up, I'd love to feature them all! I'm actually going to choose the more 'grown up' events though and share Juggle Mum's account of the 40th birthday treat to end them all! Nadine's husband treated her to afternoon tea on board the Orient Express and they both looked fabulous, while enjoying some stunning Mad Hatter's Tea Party themed treats. It looks a completely wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Happy Birthday Nadine!

My second choice is Shannonagains' (great name!) write up of the blogger meet up at Benihana. This is one of those that make me wish I could live nearer to London as Benihana has been on my 'to eat' list for quite a while! It was a family friendly event but I think this would be a great place for a big, grown up night out too. Have I mentioned how much I love Japanese food lately? They definitely need to open a Benihana up North, it would be a fantastic addition to the Manchester restaurant scene.

What have you been up to? What are you planning?

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What's Happened? What's Happening?

Monday, 22 September 2014

Plan Toys Mini Golf Single Set from Great Gizmos

We're huge fans of wooden toys in our house and have quite a collection. I like the tactile, educational benefits of them and the children enjoy playing with them very much. Recently we received the Mini Golf Single Set from Plan Toys, as sold by Great Gizmos. We have a few Plan Toys here and I'm always impressed with their innovative designs and quality so I was interested to see what their take on a golf set would be.

Plan Toys Mini Golf Single Set from Great Gizmos

The set arrives in a long thin box which opens to reveal a cotton drawstring bag, wooden golf club. two tracks to hit your golf ball over, a hole, with flag (which pops into a small hole on this) and a wooden ball. Every piece is beautifully decorated and the golf club shows the Plan Toys branding.
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