Thursday, 23 October 2014

Meet the Cussons Mum & Me Midwife

Last Friday I headed out towards Manchester Airport to the offices of PZ Cussons for a very special afternoon with the team behind the Cussons Mum & Me range. I was rather excited as I've used this range ever since I was pregnant with LM, with both children and for myself. I'm definitely a Cussons mum.

Kerry Evans Cussons Mum & Me Midwife

We were invited there to meet a very special lady. Cussons Mum & Me have teamed up with Wellbeing of Women to sponsor a midwife in her PhD studies and the first recipient of the £60000 sponsorship has been announced and was there to meet us. Kerry Evans is a midwife in Nottingham and we were able to spend some time talking to her about her career and her studies. She came to midwifery after having her own children and found that her interest grew in clinical research. Until recently it has been difficult for midwifes to choose  a clinical research route - where they can continue to practice and to study at the same time - so Kerry is something of a pioneer. Kerry plans to research the management of anxiety in pregnancy and I think it's a fabulous idea that she will be able to work with real mums as she does this. It was great to talk to her about her career and lots of birth stories were shared around the table, while we enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea.

Afternoon Tea

As already mentioned, Cussons Mum & Me products have been used regularly in our home since they launched over two years ago. There are three ranges of products under the name - Bump, Baby and New Mum and we received some lovely products from across the ranges. Many of which we use already but also some new and exciting items to try. I really love the Baby Bath to Comfort Snuffles. I used it all last winter with both of my children and found that the menthol really helped their snuffly noses. It comes highly recommended from us.

Cussons Mum & Me range

Cussons Mum & Me have  active Facebook and Twitter follow them for updates on their #VoiceofMums campaign, product news and giveaways.

Preparing for Pregnancy

If you're planning a baby, or have even started to try to conceive then there's a few ways that you can smooth the process and make sure you are fully prepared to start your pregnancy journey.

1. Make sure you take your folic acid - an obvious one really but anyone who is considering a baby should be taking a folic acid supplement every day. Studies have proven that folic acid significantly reduces the risk of neural tube birth defects and it might be possible to get a prescription for it from your GP, alternatively you can buy them at pharmacies and in supermarkets.

2, Keep up your exercise regime - it's much easier to adjust a regular exercise routine for pregnancy than it is to start anew when you get pregnant. Obviously gentle exercise is best and things like swimming and aqua aerobics can be really good.

3. Schedule any medical treatment you may need - medical treatment is more complicated in pregnancy so, if you have any treatment planned make sure you can fit it in before that line turns blue. This applies to cosmetic treatment, like those for acne scarring, too. If you're taking medication routinely you should discuss this with your GP before falling pregnant as your prescription may need to be changed or adjusted.

4. Watch your diet - losing weight before getting pregnant might sound a little mad but it's a good idea to try and make sure you are following a healthy diet. Watching your alcohol and caffeine intake is a good idea too. Drink plenty of water to make sure you stay hydrated.

5. Stop smoking! Goes without saying really. Smoking during pregnancy has a number of increased risks associated with it, best to stop before you think about a baby. This applies to both parents, not just mummy!

6 Bin the pill - if you're using the contraceptive pill then stop taking it as soon as you decide you would like a baby. It can take a few months for the hormones to clear your system, although it happens much more quickly for some women.

7. Talk - make sure you and your partner have the same expectations and feelings about a possible pregnancy. You will also need to discuss finances,, future childcare, maternity and paternity leave and your home.

Did you prepare for pregnancy? Do you have any tips for those who are? I'd love to hear them below.

Partnered Post

What's Happened? What's Happening? - Half Term Next Week

We're actually on half term this week. Bud gets two weeks for his first school holiday so we're enjoying a quiet, home based week to allow him to recharge a bit, prior to a few days out next week.

Apologies for the unscheduled break last week, although I was secretly pleased to see how many of you missed my little linky, real life got in the way and I just didn't have the time to post. Sorry again.

I'm going to tell you about a little 'What's Happening' of our own. Next week we will be going to see 'Emily Brown and the Thing' at the Lowry Theatre in Manchester, as part of the Salford and Trafford Family Arts Festival 2014. The event sees partners including Manchester United Museum, IWM North, SEALIFE Manchester, MediaCity UK, intu Trafford Centre, Ordsall Hall, Salford Museum and Art Gallery and Salford Community Sport (amongst others) will be staging a range of events from book readings to ghostly happenings, all culminating in the Big Family Play Date on Saturday 1st November!

In addition to Emily Brown and the Thing the Lowry will also be staging Stomp, the sensational, all action musical hit Great for older children!

What have you been up to? What are you planning?

I'd love you to link up your blog posts to What's Happened? - featuring events, days out, holidays, film, theatre and restaurant reviews and any other 'happeneds'. What's Happening? is the place for you to link your event previews, holiday or days out plans, ongoing events and ticket giveaways.

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What's Happened? What's Happening?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Win a Mooshka Sing Around the Rosie Doll

Yesterday LM and I gave our thoughts on Myra, the Mooshka Sing Around the Rosie Doll who is the latest addition to our Mooshka Doll collection. LM has loved playing 'Ring a Ring O' Rosie' with her new dolly and I love how beautiful she looks and how soft she is. LM has found it easy to make Myra's music play and she's become a real favourite since she arrived, and has also sparked new interest for LM in her other Mooshka dolls She likes to have all three out to play with together.

Mooshka Sing Around the Rose Doll

I've teamed up with Zapf Creation to offer one of my readers the chance to win a Sing Around the Rosie Doll of their very own. There are three dolls in the range so you will receive Myra (like us), Niva or Lera It would make a wonderful gift for a little lady in your life and I'm sure the beautiful packaging and dolly inside would be a real treat on Christmas morning!

To enter the giveaway please complete the Gleam widget below Zapf Creation are keen to promote the fantastic Mooshka UK Facebook Page so 'liking' that is compulsory as is the blog post comment The Facebook page is well worth checking out for their regular fantastic Mooshka news and giveaways!

Mooshka Sing Around the Rosie Doll

Win competitions at 

Abney & Teal Magazine

Bud and LM are big fans of Abney & Teal and we often watch it on cBeebies as part of their wind down time. It's shown daily at 5:50pm and is the perfect, relaxing watch before the bedtime routine begins. Both of my children also love the wide range of children's magazines on the market, a new magazine is Bud's favourite treat, so receiving a copy of the brand new Abney & Teal Magazine from DJ Murphy publisher was perfect for him.

Abney & Teal Magazine

For those not in the know, Abney & Teal shows the adventures of two rag doll best friends who 'live in the park on an island'. They share their home with several friends including Toby Dog, Bop and Neep and his turnip family.

Abney & Teal Magazine

The magazine reflects the show really well with the same beautiful artwork and whimsical quality. Music is a massive part of Abney & Teal so I was pleased to see that this theme continues through the magazine, including in the free cover-mounted gift which was a small mandolin (just like Toby Dog's) and a whistle (like Teal's).

Abney & Teal Magazine

The content of the magazine includes games, puzzles, stories and other activities. You will also find a sheet of colourful stickers to complete the magazine's 'sticker pages' with.

Abney & Teal Magazine

My two have loved investigating the Abney & Teal magazine and, as a parent, I'm confident that their enjoyment of it is helping them to learn as the magazine helps to develop Early Years Learning.

At just £2:99 the monthly magazine is a great treat for little ones and is available from all major retail outlets The first issue is on sale on 23rd October.

Disclosure: We received a copy of the magazine to help with this post.

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