Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Our Great British Home

We've lived in our home for over four years now but we've only decorated the children's bedrooms, and still haven't finished Bud's. As a result, I'm only fully happy with Little Miss' room. Our home is definitely a work in progress so, when I came across the Great British Home Quiz from Victoria Plumb, I thought it might give us some ideas for our future decorating plans.

The quiz takes you through each room of your home and then matches you with a celebrity style. My style was 'Quirky Cool', I'm pretty pleased with that. I think it does reflect the grand plan I have for the decor of my home. I love picking up unusual pictures and frames, decorative items and fabrics, and showing our family personality and history through them. I'm not sure whether I'm anything like Jess or Nick from New Girl though, I've never seen it! The only real thing that's not me in the description is the choice of home, I'd much prefer to live in a period town house!

The one room in our house that I am desperate to upgrade is our bathroom. The previous owners, in their wisdom, decided to rip out the bathroom and install a butter yellow bathroom suite. Nice. Trying to keep two children clean with just a shower has been fun for the last four years. We need to rip out the suite and start from scratch. The suggestion of a gold frame just wouldn't look right in out tiny bathroom but I do have some clear ideas.

I'm thinking soft pale grey or beige walls, a bright white suite with chrome accessories. I'd love something like this, sadly this bathroom is about four times the size of ours but this is the style I'm channeling! 

Victoria Plumb Bathroom Suite

Grey seems to be a huge theme in bathrooms at the moment and there are some beautiful accessories around at the moment, like this range from John Lewis. I can definitely picture it in our house!

My Bathroom Haven

Are you planning any work in your home? Which room will you be updating next?

This post is an entry for the #GreatBritishHome Challenge sponsored by Victoria Plumb, a source of quality bathrooms for every type of home. Take its “What’s Your Celebrity Home Style?” quiz to discover what your home says about you.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Win Your Very Own Mooshka Doll from Zapf Creation

A few weeks ago Little Miss received her very own Mooshka Doll from Zapf Creation. Ever since our Ina doll has really become a treasured toy. She's very pretty and Little Miss seeks her out whenever she can. To find out all the details on our Mooshka Doll review.

I received lots of lovely comments about my review and I've had a lot of interest in the dolls when friends and relatives have seen them so I am delighted to have teamed up with Zapf Creation to giveaway a Mooshka Doll to one of my lucky readers.

I'm trying out a new giveaway system for this one, Gleam works in much the same way as Rafflecopter but I think it's easier to use and less hassle to enter with, let me know what you think in the comments, if you like?

Mooshka Doll

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Mixtape Monday Returns

I loved Mixtape Monday back when Clara Unravelled used to run it and it was a great way of showing a little of myself, through music, every week. I found out, about 30 seconds ago, that Clara has revived the linky and I knew I had to join in.

I loved the different themes Clara offered when it ran before but the brief this week is that there is no theme. Someone asked me my favourite song this week and wouldn't take 'that's too hard a question' for an answer. At that moment in time, this was my favourite song so I'm linking it up this week.

It reminds me of a time in my youth, one I'm reflecting a lot on at the moment as 'my music' - Britpop - is,apparently 20 years old. I'm not sure that this one was officially Britpop but it's certainly the right age. I love it. Enjoy.

Clara Unravelled

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Win with The Brit Pack and Project Jelly

Introducing The Brit Pack: A New Voice for British Made Children’s Brands

The Brit Pack Logo

If you haven’t already read about The Brit Pack let me tell you more…   It’s a collaboration formed of brands that design and manufacture quality goods here in the UK, specifically within the children’s arena.  The collaboration is the inspiration of Grubbies - the ‘dungaree evangelists’ – made Great in Britain!

The premise for the initiative is to help support and build recognition for brands that not only design, but also manufacture their goods in Britain. By working together, The Brit Pack aims to generate greater awareness for British made children’s brands.

The Brit Pack are celebrating the collaboration with an eggciting Easter Blog Hop.  For 15 consecutive days in the run up to Easter, you’ll have an opportunity to WIN delightful children’s products, made with love, here in the UK. 


The final prize on the Easter Blog Hop is from PROJECT JELLY who have provided an exclusive opportunity to WIN a pair of their retro, British made, Jelly shoes!

The Brit Pack Project JellyThe Brit Pack Project Jelly

Project Jelly is the ultimate fundraising initiative.  In 2013 Natalie Collier set about repackaging charity in a cool and innovative way - by combining the best of British children’s design with a fundraising edge - creating fun and funky Original British Jellies & Wellies for children, and donating 25% of the profit made from each pair sold to mencap!

The Brit Pack Project Jelly

Project Jelly recently unveiled their Spring/Summer collection, incorporating a NEW range of 'limited edition' children's Jelly shoes, in aid of mencap – available from May 2014. In addition to the Watermelon Rocks, cherry red sandals with a sunny yellow sole, and Raspberry Mivi, a sparkly pink style, there’ll be four new bold and equally delectable colours to choose between!

For further information visit:  You can also find Project Jelly on Facebook and Twitter

For your chance to win, simply complete the entry criteria below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Thursday, 17 April 2014

My Mobile Phone Frustration!

This time last year I upgraded my tired old Nokia 900 in favour of a shiny new phone, on my Virgin Media contract. Within two months, and despite having a case for it, I dropped it and the screen smashed to smithereens. I stumbled on with a broken screen for a while, never seeming to have the spare cash for the excess to claim on my insurance and, eventually the phone just packed in. I went back to my old Nokia.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's a great little phone, but it's getting rather past it's best. If I don't charge it every night it gives up the ghost and it's running Windows 7 so I can't even access Instagram on there. Yup, my Instagram account gets no love from me because I can't upload from my phone. Imagine, fellow bloggers and Instagram addicts? It's like a blogging arm has been chopped off! If I'm out at an event, or somewhere I need to tweet a lot from, you can guarantee that the battery will expire quicker than James Arthur's musical career. It weighs a ton too, which is good as that makes it virtually indestructible, I'm clumsy, did I mention the dropping? Do you know which phone has excellent battery life and a tough, water resistant case? The Samsung Galaxy S5!

Virgin Media are giving away a brand new (and shiny) Samsung Galaxy S5 to the blogger who can tell them why they deserve to win one. If that little story above doesn't do it (no Instagram. None. No photos of my food or children playing, or cats I have seen, on there. None! Won't someone think of my followers?) then maybe the simple fact that a brand new phone would allow me to run my blog, personal and social life far more efficiently and effectively might be a good enough reason to choose me. The 16MP camera would vastly improve the quality of my Instagram snaps too!

Pick me, Virgin Media, and make Instagram cat happy, you know it makes sense!

This is my entry into the Virgin Media Samsung Galaxy S5 competition