Friday, 22 May 2015

Red Rose Baby: 40 Weeks Update

This is the post that I genuinely thought I wouldn't need to write. When I published my 38 week update two weeks ago I was fairly sure that baby's arrival was imminent. I felt ready, so did my body. I was having episodes of contractions in the evenings which made me think baby was definitely going to be making their way out but, a couple of days after this, everything stopped and here we are at one day past due date.

If I'm honest I never expected to get here. I've thought this baby would come early throughout my pregnancy. Bud was three days early and LM nine days late. With LM I was determined she would be born in September rather than on her due date of 28th August. When I had my 12 week scan with Red Rose Baby and was dated at 10+5 I was really surprised as, by my dates, I thought I was definitely 12 weeks. If that's the case then this baby is really late!

I had an appointment with my Community Midwife yesterday which went  perfectly well until she measured me. I was found to be 38cm and to have had no growth since the last time she measured me two weeks ago. This meant a trip up to the Antenatal Day Unit (ANDU) for monitoring and a scan. This, coupled with an eye appointment for Bud, meant that we spent most of yesterday at the hospital.

Monitoring was fine but the scan revealed lower fluid levels. They should be 2-8cm. Mine were 2.8cm and only one pool of fluid was measurable. To me this sounds worrying but, on returning to ANDU for review they seemed happy with my results. My next appointment is with my Community Midwife at 41 weeks, unless this very comfortable baby gets a move on before then! I phoned and spoke to my CMW today as I was getting a little worked up last night and they are happy with the levels too. I'll be monitoring baby's movements and going in if I feel any changes. The sonographer estimated Red Rose Baby's weight at nine pounds. I'm hoping it won't get much bigger, if I'm honest. It doesn't seem like this one will be my smallest baby after all!

It was nice to have a little look at baby during the scan. We got no clues about gender, not that we wanted any, and I think the profile looked rather like it's big Sister. It showed baby is back to back, which isn't a surprise as that seems to be the way that I carry my babies. I've had two back labours so far and dealt with them OK, I did read yesterday that a back to back position can lengthen your pregnancy though so I'm interested in spinning it, if I can, to help it along. Baby is still popping in and out of engagement and was at the brim of my pelvis yesterday. I know when it's head is in my pelvis because of the pressure it causes when walking so I'm going to be bouncing on my gym ball to encourage it down more.

I was so hoping that baby would arrive this week, before half term. When Sunday arrives we're going to have to start juggling childcare for a few days, which probably means that will be D-Day! I was really hoping that baby and I would be home before half term started, and Ian would be off work. I'm not really looking forward to having both children to entertain on my own next week as I'm so worn out but Bud is very ready for half term and I know the rest will do him good. Ideally this baby will arrive before Sunday but I don't think that's very likely. It seems so strange to be so impatient for the baby to arrive as I've never really felt like this before. It's difficult to not really be able to plan anything until baby arrives, especially with two older children to care for and entertain.

So, here's my 40 week bump. I have been comparing it to my 38 weeks shot and I don't think there is any increase in size so it seems like the growth measurements have been accurate.

Red Rose Baby: 40 Weeks Update

I'll be updating my Twitter and Instagram with any news of Red Rose Baby so make sure you follow me on those if you want to see the news!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Fun Down on Duplo Farm at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester

We're so pleased to be ambassadors for LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester this year. It's fantastic to have annual passes which mean that we can pop in whenever we like. Bud loves it there but LM can sometimes get a little frustrated that she's too small for some of the attractions. She isn't keen on watching her Brother have all of the fun! That's all set to change though, as LEGOLAND has reinvented their Duplo area to make it more interesting and engaging for their youngest guests. We went along yesterday to see the changes as the brand new Duplo Farm area opened to guests.

Fun Down on Duplo Farm at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Win a Pair of Tickets to the Ideal Home Show Manchester

The Ideal Home Show returns to Manchester's EventCity this June and I have teamed up with the show to offer a pair of tickets to one of my lucky readers. Following on from the success of the Ideal Home Show at Christmas which I had the pleasure of attending last year, and last year's first Summer show, it returns next month with a bang!

Now lasting for four days the show will feature seven areas dedicated to making a house a home, including: Interiors, Home Improvements, Food & Housewares, Technology, Gardens, Fashion & Beauty and Shopping.

With over 300 exhibitors the show offers a great day out and a unique shopping experience for the whole family, packed with fantastic features including a fully built Show Home, inspirational Room Sets, top chefs at the Food & Drink Theatre, the relaxing Restaurant and Champagne Bar, as well as the spectacular Ideal Super Theatre, filled with talks and demonstrations.

The show will feature a fantastic range of guest speakers, including Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, George Clark, Gregg Wallace, Amanda Lamb, Martyn Lewis and Diarmuid Gavin, who will offer advice and tips throughout the show.

Win a Pair of Tickets to the Ideal Home Show Manchester

From Interiors to Home Improvements, Food & Housewares to Technology, Gardens, Fashion & Beauty and Shopping, the Ideal Home Show sponsored by Express-Bi-folding Doors also gives you the chance to explore thousands items you won’t find on the high street.

For more information, and to book tickets please visit

I've teamed up with the Ideal Home Show to give away a pair of tickets, valid for any day of the show. To enter please complete the Gleam widget below. The blog post comment is compulsory and must answer the question. Answering it will unlock a range of additional entry options. Please read the terms and conditions.

Pair of Tickets to the Ideal Home Show Manchester

Competitions at ThePrizeFinder

Funky Bibs from Funky Giraffe - Review and Giveaway

By the time Bud was around 12 weeks old he had started to drool, and drool he did for around the next two years. There's nothing worse than a baby with a constantly wet chin and chest so we needed a solution to keep him comfortable and protect his clothes. I discovered bandana bibs quite quickly at this point and Bud soon amassed a good collection. The funky prints, comfortable fleece backing and range of colours from Funky Giraffe were always one of my 'go to' choices when buying them for Bud so I was pleased to be asked if we would like some to be sent over for Red Rose Baby recently.

Obviously baby hasn't arrived yet but we've been sent a gorgeous pack of ten bibs which will be a fab addition to the teething wardrobe of baby number three. We've been sent a set of ten bibs which are from the girlier side of the range but, even if Red Rose Baby is male we should be able to make use of some of them. Ours is Set 2 and it is a lovely mix of plain pastel shades with brighter character bibs and some really funky prints - I love the daisies and the butterflies.

Funky Bibs from Funky Giraffe - Review and Giveaway Daisies Bandana

When I've used the Funky Giraffe bibs previously I've always found them easy to use and to wash really well. The fleece backing is beautifully soft and does a really good job of keeping moisture away from skin and clothing. Exactly what you need if your baby is drool-y. LM hardly dribbled at all but we still used bandana bibs from time to time, simply as an accessory as the right one can really 'make' an outfit.

Funky Bibs from Funky Giraffe - Review and Giveaway Bandanas

A set of ten Bandana bibs is available at just £20 from Funky Giraffe, which I think is great value for money! There's also free delivery if your order is £7 or more so it's a great way to add to your baby's collection of bandana bibs. For special occasions they have a gorgeous range of satin bibs and they can even personalise them for you. With scratch mitts, hats, socks, burp cloths and large bibs also available Funky Giraffe is a 'one-stop shop' for all your baby accessories.

To place an order check out, or one of their international sites in France, Australia, Spain or Italy.

I've teamed up with Funky Giraffe to offer one of my readers the chance to win a set of ten bibs for the lucky little one in their life. To enter please complete the Gleam widget below. The blog post comment is compulsory and must answer the question. This will unlock a range of additional entries. Please read the terms and conditions.

Funky Giraffe Bibs

More competitions at ThePrizeFinder 

Disclosure: We received the bibs for review purposes.

Geronimo Festival - One Week to Go

It's just a week to go until the Geronimon Festival lands at Tatton Park and the excitement is mounting!  The festival is still making some exciting announcements about what is to come and it's not too late to get tickets, read on to find out more!

Geronimo Festival - One Week to Go

Our friends at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre and SeaLIFE Manchester will be bringing building workshops, and their very own Touch Pool where visitors can meet , and touch, sea creatures!

The Circus Zone will see regular shows taking place throughout the day, with gravity defying trapeze artists and hilarious clowns. There are also circus skills workshops, if your children want to try the skills for themselves. There will also be classic Punch and Judy shows to entertain the whole family.

Geronimo Festival - One Week to GoGeronimo Festival - One Week to Go

There's a chance to get creative in the Funky Junk Zone. Bud loves a bit of junk modelling so he'll be keen to visit here I think. There's also cooking workshops and buggy makeovers, if you're feeling creative in other ways.

PIG is an ever popular, eye-catching installation and show, featuring a nine metre long sleeping sow in a pen. Geronimites can see her snuffling, opening and closing her eyes, and hear her snoring. A farm-hand invites ten people at a time into the pen to take a peek at a 10-minute long, unexpected piece of theatre inside her belly. PIG is an outdoor theatre event suitable for all ages. Performances will be running approximately every 15-minutes, for 2-hours twice a day, throughout the festival.

Have you ever wondered why our seasons change? Do you know how to say hello in Japanese? Jump up and join Luke & Emma on their pop, pre-school adventure. ‘A Song a Day LIVE!’ is an action-packed, educational, musical journey and all Geronimites are invited along for the ride! The up-beat, lively production uses music, audience participation and buckets of fun to educate you and your little ones about the world we live in. Luke and Emma will be performing two live shows a day (Sat and Sun only).

With the main stage featuring so many cBeebies favourites, including Hook and Line from Swashbuckle, Alex Winters, Katy Ashworth and Mr Bloom it really sounds like Geronimo Festival is not to be missed It just might be the perfect family fun day out!

Geronimo Festival - One Week to Go

Geronimo is aimed at families with children under the age of 12.  Geronimo tickets are on sale priced £22.50pp, with family passes priced at £86 (children under the age of two go free). Tickets on the day are £25pp.

For tickets and more information visit or follow on Facebook and Twitter.
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