Listography - 5 Cartoon Characters From Your Youth

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This week's Listography over at Kate Takes 5 asks for 5 cartoon characters from your youth. I was a big fan of cartoons  in my youth and have been thinking about which were my favourites

1. Mysterious Cities of Gold
So many people deny all knowledge of this show, I guess not many people watched it, but I loved it. The main story was a quest through South America and it had a really good mix of history, adventure and science-fiction. It was, apparently (I've been Googling) a Japanese-French production and the characters' mouths never moved in time with the dialogue track but it was really good, and had a fantastic theme tune.

2. The Magic Roundabout
The original, not that abominable film they made a few years ago. I remember this being shown just before the news in the evenings. I really loved the characters and, when they were brought back and shown on The Big Breakfast in the 90s, they were a real craze for me and my friends. Another French cartoon, there seems to be a theme here.

3. Willo the Wisp

Kenneth Williams and a bizarre story of some very strange creatures who lived in the forest together. I was very small when this was on, it used to be on before the news when the aforementioned Magic Roundabout wasn't. My favourite character was Evil Edna, the TV with legs, and I must confess that we had a strange little old lady who lived next door-but one to my home who was called Edna, you can guess what we nicknamed her...

4. Dangermouse
I'm sure lots of people have chosen Dangermouse as one of their 5. It was mouse and his rodent-y sidekick Penfold leading a James Bond-type existence saving the world from Baron Greenback, a rather large toad. David Jason was the brilliant voice of the show and really made it perfect.

5. The Trap Door
All together now... 'Don't you open that trap door! You're a fool if you dare...' This was a clay-mation series voiced by Willie Rushton. Each episode featured the central character, Berk, carrying out the instructions of the Thing Upstairs. Inevitably this would lead to the Trap Door being opened, a monster escaping, and chaos ensuing! It was brilliant. We bought the complete Trap Door on DVD a while ago and I can't wait to share it with Bud. He'll probably think it is old-fashioned nonsense though.

Which cartoons did you love when you were small?