Review: Baby Sing Christmas

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I really love Christmas and it has become an even more special time of year since Bud's arrival. I especially love creating our new Christmas traditions as a family and am anticipating Bud taking more interest in Christmas this year than he did as an 8 month old in his first Christmas.

I have blogged before about my love of music and part of the whole Christmas experience for me is hearing those songs in the shops and on the radio. They always make me smile and I do get a little excited when I hear them for the first time in the build up, even if it is in October. I'm a big fan of Christmas carols and attending the carol service at our family church is an important part of Christmas to me. Bud is really interested in music and loves to dance. He has even started to sing along in his cute little way so I was really pleased to be sent the new CD 'Baby Sing Christmas' for us to have a listen to.
We took Bud to see Santa today and decided that playing this CD in the car was a good idea to get us in a festive mood on the way to York. Red Rose Daddy wasn't too impressed with this choice as he was thinking this CD would be like the Nursery Rhymes CDs that Bud loves and that he would be singing the songs all day.

We were really pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a cBeebies-esque CD with lots of voices singing very poppy, baby-friendly versions of our favourite Christmas songs, what we got was a CD full of songs simply sung to an acoustic guitar accompaniment, if pushed I would say that they were Jazz arrangements but don't be put off if you don't like Jazz as the influence is quite gentle. There are 18 tracks on the album in total (the final 5 are repeated tracks with different arrangements and additional voices) and it includes a wide range of traditional Christmas songs with everything from Jingle Bells to Away in a Manger.

The whole family really enjoyed this CD. Bud listened to it quite intently and clapped along with a number of the tracks. I think 'Here Comes Santa Claus' was his favourite. Both Red Rose Daddy and I agreed that we would be happy to play this CD in the run up to Christmas, whether there were babies present or not and that we thought it would be a really good alternative to 'The Best Christmas Album...etc..etc' which are usually those played in the shops. We will definitely be playing this in our house on Christmas Day.

'Baby Sing Christmas' is available from Music for Baby, priced at £10, and you can hear snippets from the CD here too.  There are 7 other CDs in the range so check them out even if you aren't looking for a Christmas CD.

I received this CD free of charge but the opinions contained in my review are all my own.