Review: Kalis Skincare and a Discount Code

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I'm a bit of a skincare junkie, always on the look out for more lovely products to try so I was really pleased when the team at Kalis Skincare offered me some samples of their range to try. 

Kalis are an Italian firm who have been making skincare products for nearly 20 years. They clearly state that they are a natural skincare company who use chemical ingredients only if they improve the product and then in the smallest concentrations needed to do the job properly, I'm quite pleased that they are so honest about their ingredients as so many firms claim to be natural and really aren't.

I received 5 samples to try across the range of more than 40 products in total.

The first product I tried was Blue Moon Intensive Spa Treatment
This is billed as a recuperative treatment for stressed out skin. Well my skin is always stressed out so this sounded right up my street. I suffer from dry skin on my face regularly and it often feels dull, dry and tight too. The product is quite a runny, yellowish fluid and a little goes a long way. You can really smell the Macadamia Oil it contains and it is a really pleasant product to use. My skin did feel lovely and smooth after applying the treatment but I suspect I used a little too much. I think 2 or 3 drops would probably be enough for the whole face. I have a little left so I will definitely be using it again, in a smaller quantity as I did really like how it feels. The product is intended as a treatment, in addition to your usual moisturiser and I also tried it in conjunction with the Rose of Damascus Cream and the effect of both was fantastic. You can also use the Spa Treatment underneath your make up which works really well as it absorbs so quickly. 
Price:  £23:00 for 30 ml
Rating: 8/10

Next up is Rose of Damascus Cream
This is an anti-aging cream which contains Rose Damascene Essential Oil. As my blog name suggests I love roses and am a sucker for any product containing rose oil. I find the fragrance really calming and relaxing so I was looking forward to trying this one. The cream also contains 'innovative Esapeptides which have decontracting properties. This cream is very thick and quite heavy and again, a little goes a long way. I wasn't too impressed on first application as the rose fragrance was not as strong as I would have liked but the effect the cream had on my skin was wonderful. It was left feeling silky smooth and really moisturised. My skin has been feeling rather tight along the jaw line and my usual moisturiser has been struggling a bit to deal with it. The feeling of tightness was gone completely within five minutes of using this cream and my skin felt great for the first time in days, I just wish the rose fragrance was more evident. It also doesn't have an SPF listed and I like a moisturiser for day use that contains this.
Price: £24: 50 for 100ml
Rating: 8/10

The third product is Recharge Hydrating Cream
The website states that this cream offers high powered hydration and that is very accurate. It is also described as a light cream which I think is less accurate. I found this moisturiser to be very thick and only a small amount was needed to cover the whole face. I didn't have any issues with this cream but it didn't stand out as much as any of the other products. It was quite similar to a lot of other products I have used. I think that this may have been because there is no obvious 'natural' ingredient as there is in the other products. My skin was left soft and hydrated and I liked the moisturiser but it didn't have the same 'hook' as the other products I tried. 
Price: £24:50 for 50ml
Rating: 7/10

The Fourth product is the High-C Skin Correcting Serum
This serum is another product from the anti-ageing range. It contains 10% Vitamin C and Pomegranate Extract which have an antioxidant effect. The serum itself is a gold-coloured thin gel. Like the rest of the products I have tried, a little goes a long way. The gel has a faint fruity scent but this isn't really discernible unless you hold the product to your nose. As it is a serum I used this product underneath the Recharge Hydrating Cream and, again found the products to work really well together. I liked this product underneath foundation too and felt like it provided a really good base. I think I would have liked a stronger fragrance though.
Price: £23:00 for 30ml
Rating 8/10

Product Five is the Ultra-C Vitamin C Cream
This cream is suitable for all skin types and especially those with very sensitive skin and contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Macadamia Oil. This has the thinnest, lightest consistency of all of the three moisturisers I tried and it has a lovely fruity, nutty fragrance. I really liked this cream. It absorbed quickly and felt cool and calming on my skin. The fragrance was great too. As with all of the Kalis products I tried the sample I was sent went a long way and I really enjoyed using this one. I think I will be going back to buy this product when I have used my current moisturiser. 
Price: £24:50 for 50ml
Rating: 9/10

I really enjoyed sampling the Kalis Skincare range and am pleased to be able to offer my readers a discount code should you wish to try the range for yourself.
To receive 20% off your order price, please quote 'redrosemummy' at checkout.
Postage and Packing is free within the UK.

I received the samples from Kalis Skincare free of charge but the opinions in my review are my honest thoughts on the products.