Mix Tape Monday #10

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This week's link up over at I Want My Mummy asks for the song that was number one when you were born. This is a bit of a strange one for me because, I used to 'know' which song was number one when I was born until a couple of years ago when I googled it and found out that, in fact, it wasn't 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' by ABBA but instead this much less well known tune by Manhattan Transfer. I'd never even heard this song before I found out it was my birthday number one, are you familiar with it?

Red Rose Daddy manages a song which was a little bit less obscure than mine, and is one that you might remember from family weddings, I actually really like this song but he was less than impressed when I shared it with him...

Bud was born in 2010 and, I think, that was a big year for Lady Gaga so it is unsurprising that she was number one. In fact he was born when she was at number one with Beyonce and their song Telephone. I remember this being around at the time he was born and, to be honest, looking at the other number one's around the same time, he could have done a lot worse!

So, what was number one when you or your children were born? Head on over to I Want My Mummy to link up, just click the badge below.

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