Snow Fun

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I've posted before about the fantastic country park we have on our doorstep. We regularly have a wander down with Bud so he can talk to the ducks (the conversation is a little one sided, mainly involving Bud saying 'duck, duck, quack, quack but we all enjoy it). The park is blessed with a few reasonably sized hills so it was perfect for Bud's first sledging trip today. We went out with Bud's uncle, our friend and our niece and nephew and three sledges and I thought I would share a few photos with you.

We have been ready for snow since October, I believe that the forecast promised us snow in November so we bought a sledge and a snowsuit for Bud so we would be well prepared. He was well layered today, to keep him warm. I dressed him in a vest, a short romper suit (tucked into his welly socks), a long sleeved t-shirt and jogging bottoms, a fleece jumper, wellies and his snow suit. He looked like a mini Michelin man but we were confident he would be warm!

We walked (and sledged a little) through the graveyard to get to the park. I don't think the trains were running today

The snow made it look very pretty. I was very moved by a beautiful snowman that had been made next to the grave of a toddler. It made me feel very sad and realise how lucky I am.
Our niece and nephew made Snow Angels in the field. Lego Boy was a bit surprised that the print in the snow actually looked like an angel when he got up.
When we got into the park, Bud and his Daddy went sledging down the hill, Bud wasn't too sure while the sledge was at full speed but he was laughing by the time he got down to the bottom. 
We said hello to the 'ducks' who were a little bemused because we hadn't brought them any bread. I don't think they were enjoying the snow as much as we were. 
By the end of the day, the big kids were sledging more than the smaller ones. They were a bit more daring too, in fact Bud's uncle almost ended up in the lake! 

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