The Christmas Tag

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It's ages since I've done a meme, I quite enjoy them so I was really pleased to be tagged in this Christmas Tag by Emma who blogs at A Matter of Choice. Christmas is one of my favourite things so I relish any opportunity to talk, and write about it!

1. What's your Favourite Thing about Christmas?
Umm, everything? If I had to choose just one thing I would choose the effect that Christmas has upon my children. Obviously Little Miss is very small so won't be feeling the magic this year but Bud is reGivially getting into it and is very excited about Christmas. Our Elf arrived this morning and Bud adores him. Merry is going to be keeping us busy in the run up to Christmas, he is full of mischief. We've now been to three local Christmas fairs and Bud has seen Santa at each one. He has asked for 'Horses, Duck and Reindeer' at each one. I'm not sure how the big bearded one will fulfil that order but I'm hoping he realises Bud wants toys and not the real thing!

2. What's your Favourite Make Up Look for the Festive Season?
I rarely wear make up at the moment, you don't need much for chasing toddlers and breastfeeding an infant! I do enjoy a bit of sparkly eyeshadow for the festivities though. I can't even paint my nails at the moment as Little Miss will suck my fingers to soothe her sometimes. I love the Sleek i-Divine eye palettes that Superdrug sell and wouldn't mind finding a new one in my stocking on Christmas morning.

3. Real or Fake Tree?
Real. This is non-negotiable in our house. We could never have a real tree when I was growing up as my Mum is allergic to them so now, in my own home, we have to have one. Red Rose Daddy was brought up in a real tree house so he, happily, agrees. We generally go to choose outs in the second weekend in December. We go as a family and it is part of our Christmas tradition. We always go to the same farm and, when you buy a tree there, you also get a little gift which is fun. Last year we bought a holly wreath for the front door too.

4. Giving Presents or Receiving them?
Giving. I love taking time to choose the right gift for everyone and really enjoy it when the recipient is pleased with what I have chosen. Having children has just magnified this and I so enjoy choosing all of their gifts, from their smallest stocking fillers to their 'big' present. Obviously receiving presents is lovely too and I usually do very well.

5. Do you open your presents on Christmas Morning or Evening?
We have stockings in our bed when we first get up then have breakfast and then open the main presents. We then head off to both sets of Grandparents so we end up opening presents all day long really! I have a couple of friends who open presents on Christmas Eve. I'm never sure how Father Christmas fits into that mix! Our Elf will be leaving new pyjamas and a Christmas book for Bud and Little Miss before he departs to the North Pole, this is a Christmas tradition (without the Elf) from my childhood that I was keen to continue with my own children.

6. Handmade Christmas Cards or Bought?
I barely have time to write Christmas cards so I making them is out. I think Bud might make some cards for special people from himself and Little Miss, I'm going to get some card making things so we can do this as an activity in the next few days.

7. What's your Favourite Christmas Film?
I love Christmas films. Really, really love them. I'd watch them all year round if they were on and I'm always so excited when the Christmas 24 movies channel starts up each year (guess what is on the TV right now?) I love 'It's a Wonderful Life' but my favourite Christmas film is Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. I love everything about that film and it really reminds me of my little Brother who was so obsessed by the Home Alone films when he was small that I think we could all recite the script along with the film as it played.

8. What's your Favourite Christmas Food?
Again, I can't possibly just pick one. I love Christmas food, even Brussel Sprouts! My Mum always says that I was the only toddler she came across who would ask for more Sprouts. I love Christmas Cake, Mince Pies, Christmas Pudding...everything! I also love the Christmas buffets that friends and family cater when we go to tthe various parties over the festive season. Is it any surprise that I usually put on weight?

I'm tagging Carolin and Yvonne. If you're not tagged and complete the meme please put the link in the comments.