A Walk in the Park in the Wintery Sunshine

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Red Rose Daddy has been off this week so we've been trying to get out and about to enjoy some family time. The weather has thwarted us a little but today has been a lovely day. Quite warm and we've even seen the sunshine and some blue sky. We almost didn't recognise it as it has been so long since we have seen it! We decided we would drive to Moss Bank Park, one of the larger parks in our town. It has a really good playground, a huge sandpit and a little animal centre so is a great place to visit for an afternoon walk.

Moss Bank Park Bolton January Winter Sunshine

It was lovely to see all the children out and about on new scooters, bikes, go karts and roller blades. It was clear to see that many of them hadn't had much opportunity with the bad weather so were making the most of it. We forgot to take Bud's scooter with us which was a real shame as the furthest he has been on it so far is his Aunt and Uncle's house across the road! We did remember our football though, which always makes Bud happy.

Small boy toddler Moss Bank Park Bolton

No visit to this park is complete without a little visit to see the birds and animals in Animal World. A lot of them weren't out but we still managed to see Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Goats, Chipmunks, a variety of different birds and... an ostentation of Peacocks! Yes, I did have to go and look up that collective noun!

Animal World Moss Bank Park Peacocks Duck Goat

We had a lovely afternoon, topped off by running into one of our friends from Toddlers and having a nice chat with them. It was great to see Bud with rosy red cheeks from running around, we've been cooped up far too long!

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