Graco Evo Week: The Graco Evo Stroller

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I've been posting all about the Graco Evo Stroller this week and today's post will focus on the main element of the travel system - the stroller. The Graco Evo converts from lie-flat to upright, and from parent-facing to outward facing in just a few clicks.

The Graco Evo is suitable from birth when used in the lie-flat position, I've had my large two year old sit in the seat and he has been able to do so perfectly comfortably. Officially it is suitable from birth to 3 years or 15kg. The travel system is available in four colourways- Chili (Red), Lime (Green), Charcoal and Sand.

So, what's in the box?

Graco Evo Stroller Pushchair Base Footmuff Box contents Chili

Inside the large Graco Evo box you will find: the base, four wheels, the seat, the rain cover, footmuff, hood, brake bar and bumper bar. Of course, assembly instructions are also included.

Assembly is very straight forward. I'm not at all technically minded but I put it together with no problem in less than fifteen minutes. The following collage shows the steps but, basically, the order is brake bar, rear wheels, front wheels, seat, hood then bumper bar. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and will talk you through this much more effectively than I ever could! The only tricky moment I had was trying to put on the clips which hold the rear wheels in place. This was quite a tricky undertaking as I just didn't have the strength in my fingers to open up the clips and feed them through the holes on the brake bar. This was remedied by a quick shout for Red Rose Daddy who came bearing pliers. He assembled our old Graco when I was in hospital having Bud and had encountered the same difficulties and new exactly what to do. A few seconds with the pliers and the clips were in, the plastic blanks to cover the clips were on and the wheels were done. The front wheels lock into place using a button system so there is no repeat of this there. Everything else clips into place easily and securely, it really was so easy to assemble.

Assembly Graco Evo Stroller Chili

The hood and bumper bar both attach to the seat unit and are removed alongside it when you take the seat off. I was so impressed by how easy the seat was to clip on and off the base. You simply line up the connecting points and click. The same procedure applies if you want the seat parent or forward facing. It really is completely interchangeable. The only difference is that you can't collapse the stroller when the seat is parent facing, you will have to remove the seat or turn it around. To remove you just push the two clips upwards and lift it off.

The Graco Evo has some features that I really like and which, I feel, show that a lot of thought has gone into the design of this stroller. The white line shown around the edge of the hood is a reflective strip, perfect for if you are pushing the pram in the dark or in low light. The shopping basket is really roomy and I've had two bags of supermarket shopping in there. This space isn't compromised by reclining the seat as it is in other stroollers I have come across. This is the first stroller I have ever used that can truly be collapsed using one hand. This is a patented Graco feature and you simply grip the push bar on the handle and slide the switch with your thumb. So simple. The whole stroller weighs only 6.5kgs and folds up small. I am confident it would fit into the vast majority of car boots (maybe not a sports car but can you get a car seat in one of those things?) This is great for me as I can fold it and lift it myself without struggling.

Graco Evo Stroller Features Shopping Basket Collapse function Chili

The seat itself has a five point harness and the included footmuff provides a fleece lined cocoon to keep your baby warm I tend to swap the footmuff between the stroller and the car seat depending on which we are using and it works great with both. The foot rest can be adjusted depending on the size of your baby - folded down and out of the way for toddlers and laid flat for an infant. The bumper bar is padded and clicks on easily and is simple to unclip and swivel away to let your child out.

Graco Evo Seat Features Bumper Bar footmuff harnes foot rest Chili

The final feature to mention is the rain cover. This is quite lightweight but is well designed and fits really snugly over the hood and seat. I've only used it with the seat unit and car seat so far but I'm sure that will be the case with the carrycot too. I've found it really easy to put on and there is room in the shopping basket to pop it in there when it is not in use.

If I had any criticism of the Graco Evo, and it is nitpicking, I am not keen on the square pattern on the hood and seat liner and I think that both would look better without it but I'm not really a patterns person. I always prefer the plain! My main problem is that my changing bag no longer matches, but that just gives me an excuse to go shopping!

Little Miss is so happy in her new stroller and I am sure we will continue to enjoy using it for some time to come.
Baby Girl Graco Evo Stroller Chili

If you have any questions about any aspect of the Graco Evo travel system please let me know in the contents below or ask me on Twitter @RedRoseMummy.

Check out the Graco UK website, or 'like' them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for more information.