Happy Birthday Elite Magazine!

23:01 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Elite Magazine is a free bi-monthly magazine published in Greater Manchester and distributed throughout the area, or you can read it online by visiting their website.

Yesterday they celebrated their first birthday by holding a fantastic party at The Styling Academy in the Corn Exchange, Manchester and we were lucky enough to be invited!

Elite Magazine Birthday Cake

There was cake, which I can confirm tasted just as good as it looked, sweets, face painting, food and drink and lots of fun. They had a fantastic photo booth where you could have your photo taken using various props. One was a full head Zebra mask that Bud got quite attached to. Face painting was available but Bud won't entertain this  The highlight of the afternoon was a display put on by the wonderful Crocodile Joe's Wild World. Joe is a conservationist who works with some of the animals he has rescued to educate and inform children about caring for their environment. He brought along an Emperor Scorpion, two Bearded Dragons, four Corn Snakes and, the Pièce de résistance ,a 13 feet long Burmese Python. I think everyone at the party was enthralled by Crocodile Joe and it was wonderful to see so many really tiny children engaging with him and the animals.

Crocodile Joe Elite Magazine Party

Elite Magazine held a raffle to raise funds for KidsCan and I was lucky enough to win a wonderful facial with Skin Health which I'll be booking soon.

We had a lovely afternoon at the party, great company and a fantastic show from Crocodile Joe. I'll be ensuring I pick up future issues of Elite Magazine too.