Harry Potter for xBox Kinect

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Red Rose Daddy was obviously a very good boy in 2012 as Father Christmas brought him an xBox Kinect for us all to play on. Sadly he only brought one game with it so he was very pleased when Warner Bros offered to send him the new Harry Potter for Kinect game as part of their Festive package. 
Harry Potter xBox Kinect cover
Based on all eight Harry Potter films, Harry Potter For Kinect allows players to join Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger as they embark on an unforgettable journey through Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and beyond. With Kinect's scanning technology, for the first time ever in a Harry Potter game, players will be able to scan in their own face to create a unique witch or wizard to journey through the adventures of the film.

We are huge Harry Potter fans, in fact I remember discussing the books in great depth on the night that Red Rose Daddy and I met. We're just getting used to the Kinect and we did find this an easy game to play for this purpose. The game has a storyline and this was quite short, we finished it in a few days but there are a number of side quests like potion making and dueling to give the game some longevity. We did really enjoy the game play and the scanning technology was quite funny. I'm not sure how much we looked like Hogwarts students! We've very much enjoyed waving our arms around and pretending to be Harry and his friends. We've got quite a few xBox Harry Potter games and, whilst this doesn't allow you to roam all over Hogwarts like some of them do, it does offer a completely different way to become part of Harry's world. It also features scenes from all seven books, which I haven't come across before I think it is a must for any Kinect and Harry Potter fans.

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Harry Potter for Kinect is available from all of the usual stockists and Amazon.

Disclaimer: I was sent this game for review purposes, as always the thoughts and opinions contained within are all my own.