Dressing Up for Valentine's Day

17:03 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

I have to be honest, we're not really into making a fuss of Valentine's Day. We did pre-children when we could decide to go out at the drop of a hat but now we're a mummy and daddy, with a toddler and baby, this is much more difficult. We're going away this weekend with about fifteen family and friends so we're hoping to be able to slope off for a couple of hours and enjoy a little time to ourselves. My wardrobe is a little low on glamorous outfits at the moment so I've been window shopping online and think I may have found the perfect dress in New Look's selection of lace dresses.
I've found this beautiful Mela burgundy lace dress which is exactly the sort of shape I love, especially when I don't have to worry about feeding Little Miss. Once I found this dress I carried on browsing the website and found some lovely accessories that I would love to team with the dress. I've put together a Polyvore board to show you exactly how I would style the dress for the perfect Valentine's Day date.

New Look style for the Mela Burgundy Lace Dress

If you are off on an exciting evening out for Valentine's Day then have a wonderful time. If, like me, you're just having a cosy evening in, then I hope you enjoy what ever treats you have in store. New Look has a fantastic range of fashion available on their website and on the high street, I'm sure you would find the perfect outfit for any occasion there.

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