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I'm a big fan of baby sleeping bags. I have two wiggly children and we've had many different sleeping bags used in our house over the last three years. My two would both kick off their blankets if they weren't in a bag and I hate to think of them being cold when we're all asleep. It can be confusing trying to work out which sleeping bag to buy from the wide range available and we have had some that have been more successful than others.

I was recently invited to review an ergoPouch sleeping bag in my role as a member of the Babyworld review panel. My oh my, I think I may have found the Rolls Royce of baby sleeping bags!

ergoPouch is an Australian brand which has recently launched in the UK selling a range of sleeping bags, pyjamas, swaddles, wraps and comforters. They pride themselves on providing products that are safe, organic, eco-friendly and provide optimal temperature balance.

We were sent the Organic Cotton Quilt Warm Weight Sleeping Bag. it is made of organic cotton and is breathable so it keeps the child's temperature consistent. I've found that my baby girl often gets a bit sweaty in her other sleeping bags but this one, despite being warmer, regulates her temperature and she doesn't seem to sweat at all. The ergoPouch comes with it's own room thermometer supplied for extra piece of mind on the heating of your child's room. This is compact and easy to use.


The fit on this sleeping bag is quite slim. This is to prevent babies being uncomfortable when lying on excess fabric and the twisting of the bag that can cause. It really works. The bag moves with my daughter rather than her weight causing her to twist against a larger sleeping bag.

As mentioned earlier, the bag is made of 100% organic cotton. This has a thread count of 400 and it feels wonderful. I think it feels more like silk than cotton. There is no polyester filling and this makes it hypoallergenic too and adds to the breathable  quality of the sleeping bag.

Another excellent feature is the double zip. You can unzip from the bottom to enable parents to do night time changes without unfastening the whole sleeping bag. I've had a couple of zips break on sleeping bags with my two children but I don't think there is any likelihood of that with this zip. It is excellent quality and fastens smoothly and easily.

We've washed this sleeping bag a couple of times now and it has done beautifully, there is no sign of bobbling or pilling which, again is sometimes an issue with lower quality sleeping bags.

The sleeping bag is expensive with an RRP of £49:99. Our bag is size 2-12 months so my daughter will only get one winter from it. The next size is 12-36 months so a child would get at least two winters in that sleeping bag which would make it far more economical. I believe that this sleeping bag would make an excellent gift for a new baby, or perhaps a great first birthday gift. We will be using our ergoPouch throughout the rest of the Winter and I'm sure it will continue to keep Little Miss snug and warm.

Baby Girl ergoPouch

Disclaimer: We received this product to review but all opinions are open and honest.