A Day at the Duck Race

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A charity duck race is held in the Spinningfields area of Manchester every year on Good Friday. I've only been dimly aware of it in the past but now, as Red Rose Daddy works in that area, we are kept well informed of what's happening.

The Spinningfields Duck Race is held to raise money for Brainwave. This is a national charity which works with children with brain injuries aged from six months to twelve years, offering them physical and cognitive development therapy programmes.

We had lovely sunshine today, even if it was bitterly cold, so it was pleasant to stand beside the River Irwell and watch the ducks glide down the river (some more elegantly than others). Bud was particularly taken by the larger ducks from the corporate duck race which had all been dressed up for a 'Best Dressed Duck' contest.

Spinningfields Manchester Corporate Duck Race Ducks 2013 Best Dressed

We saw two duck races, a corporate one and a family one. We had four ducks in the family race but none of ours were prize winners. Shame as I would have enjoyed winning any of the prizes I think! They weren't the speediest of races and I think a sports commentator would have struggled but we enjoyed watching the ducks lazily drift downstream. 

Ducks Racing Duck Race Spinningfields Manchester 2013 for Brainwave

The races were started by Catherine Tyldesley from Coronation Street who had been filming that morning  The air was alive with the sound of duck quacks as duck whistles were on sale and we couldn't resist getting one for Bud. He didn't actually want to blow into it himself so his Daddy and I ended up doing it for him. There was lots going on in Spinningfields and it was very busy with lots of families enjoying the cold Easter sunshine.

Catherine Tyldesley Starts the Duck Race Spinningfields Manchester 2013 Corporate wooden ducks whistle quack

We really enjoyed our afternoon in Spinningfields watching the Duck Race, I can see this becoming a family tradition for future Good Fridays and it was great to know that we were also supporting a fantastic charity in doing do. Bud was a little giddy and slept for two hours when we got home! So many ducks is obviously tiring.