Spring Cleaning in Preparation for a Home Overhaul

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I'm quite excited at the moment. It feels like we are starting to get our home organised. I don't know if it is the onset of our absent Spring but we've been doing a lot of organising, throwing out and recycling in our house over the last few weeks.

Bud will be moving into his 'big boy bedroom' in the next couple of weeks. His Daddy and I have a great deal of work to do before that can happen though. His room is currently our 'spare' room. In other words, our junk room. We stash everything in there and most purchases spend a bit of time in that room before we find a home for them elsewhere. When Bud takes up residence this won't be possible anymore so we need to clear out the clutter. I'm looking forward to sharing a few more blog posts as we go through the whole process of creating my boy's first proper room.

I've been looking at ways to make a bit of extra cash while we go through this decorating process. Some of our unwanted possessions have found their way on to our local Facebook selling groups, with some success. I've also been sorting out some of our old, no longer used phones and gadgets and looking at ways to recycle my partner's old Samsung Galaxy S and my old HTC Wildfire. They are just taking up room at the moment and are both in good condition. Apparently they might be worth a good sum so I'll definitely be sending them off soon. It will be nice to make a little money to add some lovely animal-themed decorative items to Bud's room when he moves in. We already have cushions, throws, some wall stickers and a fantastic crocodile shelf but I have picked out a mural that I would love for the wall and I think it would be quite fitting for the junk from our spare room to fund that room's makeover.

The lack of spare room will mean that we need to keep on top of the clutter from this point forward. I'm going to try to not allow items that we no longer need to linger. We don't have the space and there are so many ways to either turn them in to cash or help someone else out with them. All Bud and Little Miss' old clothes and equipment go to my brother and his family as they have boys who are a bit smaller than Bud and are expecting a Daughter in May. Passing boxes to them really is the easiest way of clearing out the house and it's great to see their clothes and baby items being reused.

Do you recycle your old gadgets? What do you do with your children's clothes when they are too small?

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