The Puckababy GoGo - A Review

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It can be really tricky keeping my two wrapped up. Both of them are quite warm generally. They get this from their daddy, I'm always cold. Bud continually sheds clothes and kicks off duvets and I check on him often after he has gone to bed, especially since he stopped wearing a sleeping bag. Little Miss is very similar and often kicks off her blanket when in the pram or car seat.

One of the trickiest ways to keep them warm is in the car. Thick coats aren't advised in car seats as they can stop the straps working as efficiently as they should in the event of an accident but in cold weather or on short journeys they do need an extra layer to keep them warm. Little Miss will kick off her blanket in the car. I was invited to try the Puckababy GoGo Kidz Jacket, a super soft sleeveless jacket which offers freedom of movement and warmth to the adventurous baby or toddler. It's like a blanket that can be worn so will keep a little one warm even if they don't like to be covered up.

Puckababy GoGo Kidz
The jacket resembles a hooded towel with a large pointed hood and a curved bottom. It fastens with a chunky big button and has a cute little pocket. It is made from a beautifully soft, furry microfibre (described by Puckababy as Teddysoft, and it really is!)

The Puckababy GoGo Kidz is designed for children aged from nine months upwards. For younger babies they also sell the Puckababy GoGo Newborn which works more like a swaddling cloth. Little Miss is now six months old but she is a very long baby so the Kidz works better for her. The armholes and hood are designed to grow with your child. I've tried this on Bud and it does fit him, a large nearly three year old, and would provide a lovely warm layer for him but he pronounced it 'for babies' and refused to wear it further. Just my boy to a tee at the moment!

I've been putting our Puckababy GoGo on Little Miss regularly recently, usually instead of a blanket. The other day we had a disastrous nappy change necessitating a full change of clothes. I popped the GoGo on Little Miss while I grabbed some new clothes for her. The house was warm and it provided her with enough of a layer to keep her warm. Generally she wears it in the car seat or if we pop across the street to her aunt and uncle's house. I am always confident that she is snuggly and warm wearing it and, if in the car seat we can tuck the end in around her legs well. Obviously there aren't any arms in the GoGo Kidz but this isn't an issue. In fact, on a really cold day you could pop it on underneath a coat to keep your child really warm. Bud and Little Miss both have waterproof suits and I think this represents a perfect solution for that extra layer of warmth in between clothes and the outer layer. It works really well. 

Baby Girl Puckababy GoGo Kidz Jacket

I can imagine that we will get a great deal of use from this little jacket as Spring and Summer arrive. It will be perfect to stash in my changing bag or underneath the pram for if a warm day turns a little cooler. As I mentioned earlier in this post, this jacket does fit Bud so I'm confident that Little Miss will get at least another three years from this. A great investment purchase for your little adventurer. I love how snuggly and cozy she looks in the jacket. It washes beautifully too.

The Puckababy GoGo Kidz is available in two colours, Teddy Grey (as shown in our photos) and Teddy White and is available from the Puckababy website for £31:95, with free UK delivery. Puckababy also have a great range of baby sleeping bags. 

Disclaimer: I received this item free of charge for review purposes, all opinions are honest and unbiased.