Polarn O.Pyret Spring/Summer Collection - A Review

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I'm a Mummy with very firm ideas on what I like my children to wear. I won't bore you with my 'rules' but, once I find a brand that I like I stick with it. One of my 'go to' brands for bright, colourful children's clothes is  Polarn O.Pyret. I find this Swedish brand to tick every box as far as design, quality and functionality is concerned.

Polarn O.Pyret pride themselves on making good looking clothing which makes life easier. They try to make the best examples of each item of clothing they sell, offering truly unisex items putting function, fit and versatility above gender stereotyping. I especially love that they offer effective layers and realise that some children run hot (like mine), whereas others feel the cold and will need the warmth of an extra base layer. They have a stated aim to provide clothing that can be handed down, from brother to sister, withstanding wear and tear. I'm continuously passing on clothes to my nephews that Bud grows out of as so little of it is truly unisex so there isn't any point in keeping it for Little Miss. We obviously need to buy more Polarn O.Pyret so I can save all Bud's clothes for her!

Recently Polarn O.Pyret sent Bud and Little Miss some items from their Spring/Summer collection to try out.  We received the Creatures Short Sleeve All in One Pyjamas for Little Miss and the Happy Days T-Shirt and Jean Shorts for Bud.

The Pyjamas have been wonderful for Little Miss. They are soft and comfortable, made from 95% Organic Cotton, with short sleeves and legs, perfect for Summer sleepwear. They have a bright and colourful butterfly print with a strawberry red leg and sleeves trim. I like that the sleepsuit has poppers all the way down the suit which makes it easy to put it on. The round neckline is very comfortable too and the seams are really soft against her delicate skin.

Polarn O.Pyret Creatures Sleepsuit Baby Girl Red Butterflies Short Pyjamas Organic Cotton

Bud was sent a full outfit for the summer. A funky t-shirt and some jean shorts. Jean shorts are a staple in Bud's summer wardrobe and I love the versatility they offer. I do sometimes find them quite heavy and warm and uncomfortable around the waistline. The Polarn O.Pyret version couldn't be further away from this. They are made from cotton instead of denim so give the appearance of jeans but without the heaviness. They fall to just below the knee and the shorts are shaped at the knee (pre-bent) for extra comfort. I love the adjustable button waist as I often find that trousers and shorts which fit Bud in length are too big on the waist.  Having a fully adjustable waist usually means that they will fit well and, in the case of shorts, you can often get two Summers' wear from them as you adjust the waist and the leg length just gets a little shorter.  

The t-shirt is a really bright turquoise colour with various words for happy in a square pattern on the front. I'm known in my family for my loathing of slogan t-shirts as I really dislike so many of those available for boys. I really don't want to put a t-shirt saying 'little monster' or 'here comes trouble' on my little boy! I much prefer this sort of slogan, happiness is a message we could all spread more. Again the t-shirt is 100% cotton so really breathable and cool for Summer. The colour is a lovely shade of turquoise which would work equally well for a boy or a girl. I'll definitely be keeping this one (and the shorts) for Little Miss to grow into. 

Polarn O.Pyret Shorts and T-shirt Small Boy

I'm so pleased with all of the items we were sent and I know Polarn O.Pyret is a brand that we will return to time and time again. The clothes are more expensive than the supermarket pieces we tend to buy most of the time but I do think the quality of these clothes makes them worth the money. I tend to choose items for Bud that I know Little Miss will be able to wear in the future as I know that they will last well, and I'll be able to pass them on after she has worn them too. 

We've had our items a little while now and all have washed beautifully. I'm just hoping that the weather improves significantly so we can really make the most of them. 

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Disclaimer: We were sent these items for the purpose of this review and all thoughts and opinions are honest and unbiased. 

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