The Ultimate Summer Playlist

16:06 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Last week I chose Waterfall by The Stone Roses as my ultimate driving song and it got me thinking about other songs that I like to listen to in the car. I was interested to see that have put together a great playlist ahead of the summer holidays to make the drive to one of their holiday properties a bit easier.

Whenever I blog about music I always end up waxing lyrical about my favourite, 90s Indie music. My musical tastes are still rooted there even though I add a few current bands into the mix of course. The Cumbrian Cottages playlist doesn't feature many of my favourite bands alas, but I was delighted to see the presence of 'Wouldn't It Be Nice?' by the Beach Boys, which is my one of my favourite summery songs.

If I was making my own playlist I'd probably include some Pulp, Ash and blur. There are certain songs that transport me to hot sunny days in my past so I'd have to include a few of those - like The Day We Caught the Train by Ocean Colour Scene and Let's Go Shopping by The Sultans of Ping. I'd have to include a few tracks by current favourites like The Vaccines and The Temper Trap.

Of course, having two children in the car means that we often get requests for the cBeebies album which we can stand for a while but Bud complains when we then try to change it for something we prefer and starts asking for 'his music'. He'd definitely approve of the inclusion of Wheels on the Bus on that playlist and would probably demand the theme tune to Postman Pat too.

You can subscribe to the Spotify playlist if you're looking for a Summer playlist. Which songs would you add to it? 

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