Monday 10/6/2013 - Sunday 16/6/2013 Days 222-228 of Project 365

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Apologies for my lateness with this post. We've had such a busy week, no surprise that Bud and I succumbed to a cold yesterday really! 

Monday #222 'Riding' - This was one of those moments that really surprises you. We went to my Mum and Dad's for tea and had a barbecue in the garden as it was a lovely evening. My Brother decided to pop Little Miss on this ride-on toy to see what she made of it. I was sure she wouldn't be able to balance on it but she managed perfectly well. She couldn't move the toy but was quite happy sitting on it and holding on to the steering wheel.. My mum bought this amazing sun hat for her, I'm looking forward to her wearing it lots in the sunshine.

Tuesday #223 'Back to Back' - A quiet day for us today and my two made me smile when I saw them like this in bed this morning. I had a fun evening out at the Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester with some other lovely local bloggers and will be telling you all about it soon.

Wednesday #224 'New Toy' - We love Haba toys and this ball is a big favourite with Little Miss at the moment. I've actually been reviewing it for my friend Laura at Tired Mummy of Two. We had a quiet day after toddlers in the morning.

Thursday #225 'Tea'- An exciting day for me as I attended the Cosatto Autumn/Winter Launch in the afternnon. We were treated to a vintage tea party and a sneaky peek at their new prams, car seats and furniture. It was a lovely opportunity to catch up with some local bloggers and the lovely team at Cosatto too. 

Friday #226 'Delivery' - A few weeks ago I found out that my Thirty Years of Special K post won a runners up prize in the Britmums competition! I was really thrilled to win a prize for my writing and it arrived today - a six month supply of Special K! Thirty Two boxes! As this is more than we could eat in a year I have been passing it on to family and I'm also going to donate some boxes to the Food Bank which operates out of our local church where we go to Toddlers.

Saturday #227 'Ready for Snow' - We had a really busy day today and visited the Northern Home Show at Event City in the morning, then headed over to the Chill Factore for a bloggers event. We played in the snow with Bud and then were treated to some yummy pizza, it was lots of fun. I wasn't sure what Bud would make of the snow but he absolutely loved it. I took this after we got him ready to go.

Sunday #228 'Cinema' - Another busy day and we headed off to the Printworks in Manchester to see Despicable Me 2 on a special preview from Mumsnet. This was Bud's first ever full length cinema outing and I think he did quite well. He got a bit restless and wouldn't keep his glasses on but he needs to get accustomed to going to the cinema, like anywhere else, so I'm pleased with how he behaved. Sadly I felt worse and worse as the day progressed and ended up going to bed in the afternoon. I'm hoping these colds won't last too long! 

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