Monday 27/5/2013 to Sunday 02/06/2013 Days 208-214 of Project 365

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Monday 27/5/2013 to Sunday 02/06/2013 Days 208-214 of Project 365

Monday #208 'A Trim and a Clip' - Little Miss has had something of a cloud of hair around her ears which I decided to trim this evening. I was astonished at how cutting such a small amount of hair made her look so grown up, especially with the addition of this blue hairclip which matched her dress perfectly.

Tuesday #209 'Bedtime Story' - I used this photo in our review for the Zoe & Beans books. 'Hello Oscar!' is a current favourite of Bud's and he enjoys looking at all of the different animals and repeating the phrases he remembers, of course he also loves having the story read to him.

Wednesday #210 'Alex' - We visited the new Sea Life Centre Manchester at the Trafford Centre today, for a bloggers preview. The group was joined by Alex Winters from cBeebies and his family and Bud was a bit starstruck to meet him. Alex was so lovely to all of the children who recognised him and very patient in having photos taken with him. Bud was so excited and is still telling people about meeting Alex five days later!

Thursday #211 'Afternoon Tea' -  I had a day off from my Mummy duties today and joined a few other bloggers in being thoroughly spoiled by Next. I snapped this when we were treated to a wonderful afternoon tea and yes, the cakes were as good as they looked!

Friday #212 'Bendy' - Little Miss missed me yesterday so she really didn't want me to put her down today. She was very snuggly and somehow managed to get herself into this position while she slept. It really didn't look comfortable but she didn't seem to mind. It wouldn't be one of my weeks without a sleeping child!

Saturday #213 'Sunshine' - My collage for this week is quite Little Miss-heavy but she is at a really lovely age. She is happy and smiley and takes great pleasure from exploring the world around her. We went out to enjoy the sunshine by playing in the garden and here she was exploring the grass (and trying to eat it of course).

Sunday #214 'Excited' - We went out with my parents today and ended up going for a pub tea. This is one of Little Miss' first times in this style of highchair and she loved sitting at the table with her. She was so funny, chattering away to everyone and getting very excited about trying to reach everything that was just outside her grasp.

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