Monday 3/6/2013 - Sunday 9/6/2013 Days 215-221 of Project 365

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Monday #215 'Zatchel' - I ordered my gorgeous green satchel in the Zatchels half price sale a good few weeks ago and it finally arrived today. It was bought with birthday money so I've had a long wait to receive my present but I couldn't be more pleased with it. I'm going to be using it lots for blogging events which I don't take the children to. This photo makes the satchel look really neon, it's actually much more of an apple green shade.

Tuesday #216 'Thoughtful' - Little Miss has sitting up well and truly mastered now and I can leave her to sit if I need to. She was in a funny mood today and quite clingy, she is cutting teeth very slowly and they are causing a bit of unhappiness for her.  

Wednesday #217 'Playdough'- Bud hasn't joined in the craft at toddlers for weeks now, he has preferred to play with either the small world toys or in the toy kitchen. Today we got the playdough out as were missing an essential for the planned craft (googly eyes) and he dashed straight over and played with it for ages. He tends to have periods of enjoying this type of play and this has been followed up bu a few massive painting sessions this week.

Thursday #218 'Wentbridge House' - I left the children with their grandparents today to visit Wentbridge House, a four star country house hotel, for a review (more on that coming soon). It was a glorious day and the grounds were stunning. I took so many photos but mainly on my phone as I, yet again, forgot my memory card in the camera. I need to keep a spare on my keys or in my purse!

Friday #219 'Pretty Girl' - We have been enjoying the sunshine this week and I have been playing around with my DSLR, my subject for today was my gorgeous girl who is happy to sit and laugh at me while Mummy messes with her camera!

Saturday #220 'Poodle Perm' - We had a fun day out at the National Football Museum with Blogs Up North. It's always lovely to have a family meet up with the other local bloggers and their children and we really enjoyed the museum too. Bud loves to dress up at the moment and he was straight into the dressing up box in the 'Football and Fashion' exhibition. We all had lots of fun with it.

Sunday #221 'Iced Tea' -  A very busy day with lots of work going on in the house and culminating in Little Miss spending her first night in her own bedroom. Eeek! She is definitely ready and I think we have been disturbing her when we come to bed, I'm not sure how ready I am to not have her sleeping within arm's reach though! I made some iced tea this morning and left it to chill. A glass of it in the sunshine this afternoon was a perfect break from the work!

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