MumKind Healthy Mum Products - A Review

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Little Miss and I attended the Baby Show last month and had a lovely day out meeting up with some fantastic brands and bloggers. I combined the two of these when I met the Mumkind team. Mumkind is a new pregnancy nutrition products which offers a range of products which aim to support mums from trying to conceive, through pregnancy and into motherhood.

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When I was pregnant with Little Miss I really suffered with my Vitamin B12 levels. They always hovered just above the point at which intervention was required and this, coupled with pregnancy anaemia made life quite tough. I was permanently wiped out! My post-natal checks revealed that my levels had increased but were still on the lower end of recommended levels. My doctor doesn't think it is anything to be concerned about but I do go through phases of fatigue (more so than you would expect from having two young children) and I often wonder whether my B vitamin levels are a factor.

Mumkind were offering a taste test on their Bump to Baby Nutrition Bars at the Baby Show and, when we got chatting, I happened to mention my B12 levels. They recommended their 'Water Our Way' which is a supplement that you add to water. With a great berry taste it helps to keep you hydrated by giving water flavour and provides a much needed blend of B vitamins.

Mumkind water our way

I've been trying Water Our Way for the last few weeks and I've really enjoyed it. A squeeze into a glass of water makes for a refreshing drink and I enjoyed the berry taste. The bottles are really tiny but provide enough Water Our Way for ten drinks so they last well too. I've been able to pop one of the bottles into my changing bag so I can add it to a drink if I'm out and about. I have been feeling on a really even keel for the last couple of weeks and have had much more enthusiasm generally. I'm not sure if this is the effect of Water Our Way but it seems like it has been a contributing factor. The fact that it is so easy to administer - no swallowing capsules the size of a walnut - means that it is has been great to incorporate into my routine. I really wish I'd found this in the early days of breastfeeding when keeping hydrated is so essential, it would have been great for those endless glasses of water. I'm still breastfeeding, of course, and I have been trying to have a glass of water with Water Our Way when I sit down to nurse.

Mumkind Bump to Baby Nutrition Cereal bars

The Bump to Baby Nutrition Bars we also popped into my sample pack. These are available in two flavours - Wild Berry and Yoghurt and Chocolate. Each bar offers 25% of your RDA of essential nutrients with only half the calories of a typical chocolate bar. When I tested them at the Baby Show I preferred the Wild Berry and Yoghurt bars and I've enjoyed these since. They have the texture and consistency of cereal bars and a similar flavour. They are great when I feel the need for a snack and that mid-afternoon lull is when I have reached for them.

I really wish I'd found the Mumkind range when I was pregnant, especially when my low B levels were diagnosed. I really wanted to try to help them but didn't get any constructive advice on how to do so. These products would have been perfect.

Mumkind products are available to buy online at DialChemist.

Disclaimer: I received these products for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.