VO5 Dry Shampoo for Busy Days

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Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community were looking for bloggers to try out VO5 Dry Shampoo and, as I've recently chopped off all my hair and am on a very steep learning curve as far as appropriate hair products are concerned, it was the perfect sponsored post for me to participate in!

I cut off all my hair about a month ago on something of a whim. My hair grows ridiculously quickly so a month on when I get out of bed I look like this. Yes, crazy bed head hair!

Crazy Bed Head Hair!

Now, obviously I can't go out in public like this. I'd scare the small children who don't belong to me and are therefore unused to seeing Mummy's crazy hair. I need products! I've started using a pomade (I just can't help thinking of gigantic wigs every time I see the word), which is great for getting rid of the fluffiness and taming the stray hair but not so good for making sure my hair looks really clean. I'm realising that using hair products every day makes your hair look greasy. So, the solution is to wash it every day. Great theory but I have two small children, one of whom is getting teeth which is making her really grumpy, and sometimes the shower cap has to go on in the shower and my hair has to go a day without washing.

I've never used dry shampoo before, my hair was waist length before I cut it all off and I used to wash it every 2-3 days. I doubt it would have worked on that hair. Now my hair is much shorter I've had it recommended to me a few times as an essential product for those days when the shower has to be cut short because your three year old is attempting to flush his toy animals down the toilet, or your nine month old is wailing because I've left her in her cot for five minutes. 

So, off I trotted to Tesco to find a can of VO5 Dry Shampoo. My local Tesco is a reasonably sized store with a good range of VO5 but, as you will see in my Google Plus photo album, they didn't stock the dry shampoo! Disappointed I got back in the car and headed down the road to our not-so local Tesco Extra, where I found what I needed. I found that there were two varieties available - Refresh Me Quick for Normal to Oily Hair, and Plump Me Up for Fine, Flat or Oily Hair. Fineness and flatness are not issues I have ever had with my hair so I went for Refresh Me Quick with its green accented can.

VO5 Refresh Me Quick for Normal to Oily Hair Dry Shampoo

The instructions are really simple to follow on the can, simply shake vigorously then spray into your hair from 30cm away. Leave the dry shampoo to sit on your hair for a while and enjoy the refreshing feel of it, then massage into your roots using your fingertips or brush through. Simple! I was slightly anxious about the product showing on my hair as I've heard some dry shampoos can do this but I've not had this issue at all. Having applied the dry shampoo, following the instructions and with a touch of my pomade, I managed to tame my hair into this presentable shape and, yes, I'm aware it looks like a mug shot but the light here was terrible and this really was the best photo I managed to get!

VO5 Refresh Me Quick for Normal to Oily Hair Dry Shampoo After use

I'm really pleased with the results (I know I don't look it) I can definitely imagine that I'm going to be using my dry shampoo rather a lot, I can imagine I'll use it when my hair needs a quick boost, sometimes my hair can get a little greasy towards the end of the day so it will be perfect to treat my hair if I need to rejuvenate it for the evening, it would be great for popping into your handbag on a day out too.