Bouncy Lamb from Ladybird Books - A Review

21:45 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

We've recently been sent Bouncy Lamb,  a brand new book from the Ladybird Snuggle and Cuddle range of cloth books aimed specifically at young babies.

Bouncy Lamb Cuddle and Snuggle cloth book Ladybird

Little Miss is just starting to explore books and this one has been a big hit. It has eight pages which each feature a different animal, its name and a repeated action word (for example 'kangaroo skip! skip!). One of the animals on each double page also has a textured section (as can be seen on the rabbit's belly below).

Bouncy Lamb Cuddle and Snuggle cloth book Ladybird page view

In addition to the bright, colourful pages the book's pages are crinkly. When a baby grabs it the crinkle noise is quite loud and Little Miss loves the noise that it makes as she scrunches it and looks at the pages. Of course the fact that the book is cloth means that it can be hand washed which is great for a toy that a small baby uses. It can also be easily carried around in the changing bag as, although it is larger than a lot of baby books, the fact that it is cloth makes it lightweight and squashable so it takes up very little room.

Baby Girl Bouncy Lamb Cloth Book

I didn't think Bud would get much out of this book but he has loved showing it to his Sister and explaining what all the animals are and what noise they make and, when I read the book aloud, he does the actions for each animal to make her giggle. I can imagine that this will be something that Little Miss will enjoy as she grows and learns the animal names and noises too.

We've really enjoyed this book and it has rapidly become a favourite with Little Miss, I'm so enjoying seeing her take her first journey into the world of books and this book is really helping with that.

Disclaimer: We were sent this book free of charge for the purpose of an open and honest review.