How to Avoid those Decorating Dramas

14:24 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

We've been doing lots of decorating recently. We're really lucky in that we can call on our family for help whenever we start a project, my Dad used to work as a Plasterer and can turn his hand to most things, whereas my partner's Dad is a fantastic wallpaperer and quite enjoys it so he's always on call to help with that job. I don't recommend getting your three year old involved in the decorating, even if it is his room. If you do, give him a paintbrush, some water and a bare wall. He'll think he's 'painting' and stop asking to help! If you're looking for help on a DIY project, would you know where to begin?

Small boy painting the plaster with water

If, like us, you don't know where to start with decorating but aren't lucky enough to have lots of help then there is a wealth of information available online but it can be hard to track down, and understand the lingo. Local Traders have created a brand new ebook to help out with that - 28 Ways to Help You Decorate - the book is packed with step by step advice on everything from hanging shelves to stripping wallpaper. Another great resource is the Wickes website which has a variety of interesting tips and useful how-to videos. You could also take a look at the Pinterest board that I have put together for Bud's Room which shows where we got out Jungle-theme inspiration from.

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