Introducing the Maxi-Cosi Loola - Unboxed

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Last week I had an extremely exciting email which informed me that Little Miss and I have been chosen as Maxi-Cosi Reporters and will be testing out the newly updated Loola Origami Rose. Our first challenge was to unbox the pushchair and set it up.

Maxi-Cosi Loola Origami Rose Unboxed

I love building new prams when they arrive so imagine my surprise when, after opening the Loola's box and spreading out the contents it very quickly became apparent that there was very little to do! The first thing you will notice is that the wheels are already attached to the frame. I can honestly say that I've never had a new stroller that I haven't had to affix the wheels to, the first big positive for the Loola.

The stroller frame is really easy to set up, once you know how. It was a little strange as, in order to fold and unfold, the handle folds in upon itself, so it collapses inwardly to fold smaller and spreads outwards to assemble it ready for use. I did struggle at first, working out which buttons to press to allow me to unfold the pram. There are a lot of grey buttons on the Loola which control the folding and unfolding and the locking of the pushchair. I have quite a weak grip so I did find it a little awkward to push in the buttons simultaneously at first but now I know how they work they are much easier to use.

Assembled Maxi-Cosi Loola in Origami Rose

Once the pushchair is up you simply push down on the large black carrying handle and this solidifies the frame ready for use. The seat then fixes into the frame, this is slightly unusual as you fix one side in then stretch the other side to make it fit. I think that this is another way of solidifying the frame and making it really rigid. The seat can be used either outward or parent facing, which I love as I enjoy being able to chat to my girl when we're out and about. You then simply add the bumper bar (which also folds) and hood (likewise) and your Loola is ready to roll. It really is that simple!

Features of the Maxi-Cosi Loola Origami Rose

The Loola has a number of features that I really like:

Soft, folding bumper bar - Little Miss loves the Bumper Bar, she always puts her feet up on the bumper bar in our other pram but looks so much more comfortable doing so on the softer, flexible Loola bar. I've tried to stop her doing it but no chance, she's comfortable like that!

Easy to adjust straps - I've often struggled to adjust straps for length but I can honestly say that the Loola's straps are the easiest I have ever had to change. I'd like some way of tucking the ends in because I know Little Miss will chew them when she spots that they are loose!

High quality fabrics - The seat fabric is a gorgeous shade of pink. I must confess that, when I saw photos of the Origami Rose colour scheme I was a little bemused, pink is not a favourite colour of mine. The photos showed a more muted shade of pink than the reality, which is a vibrant hot pink, almost red. I love it. The fabric used is soft but I feel it will be hardwearing. Something I love is that the strap pads can't be removed easily. I almost instantly lose these with prams usually. The Loola's will be much harder to mislay. A beautiful baby nest is included with the Loola but, sadly Little Miss, is too big for it. I'm planning to try my tiny niece out in it when I next see her so I'll be able to comment on that in a later post.

Adjustable Handle - I'm not especially tall but I have long legs for my height so I like a higher pushing position on a stroller. I love being able to adjust it to my preferred height and the Loola has two positions. I'll be using the higher one.

Folding - So many pushchairs that can face inwards or outwards require you to have the seat in a certain position for when you store it. All that the Loola asks is that you return the seat to an upright position (which is a standard requirement), you can fold it whether the seat is parent or forward facing.

Smooth Ride - The Loola's wheels are large and so far the ride seems smooth and comfortable for Little Miss. She sleeps better in this pushchair than she has recently in our others.

Baby girl asleep in the Origami Rose Maxi-Cosi Loola

Hood - The hood is fantastic on the Loola.. It can be unzipped to make it larger which is great if the sun is bright, as it has been lately, or if you forget your raincover (not that I would ever do such a thing, not at all!) It also includes a clear panel so the parent can peek in, or the child out, without anyone being disturbed. I did find it a little fiddly to attach to the seat (you do so by zipping it on then fastening a press stud around the frame) and recommend that you use the zip before the press stud.

Raincover -  The Loola's raincover fits really well and includes ventilation holes to ensure that it doesn't steam up. Great on days like today when it's wet and humid.

Size -  The Loola is really wide,the seat is a great size and Bud fits into it easily. I can't imagine that we will need another pushchair, I think Little Miss will fit in this until she doesn't need a stroller anymore. Similarly though, the pushchair folds down to quite a small size, deceptively small considering the size of the assembled pram.

Our first impressions of the Loola are great. I'm looking forward to trying it out properly and sharing the next challenges with you!

If you'd like the chance to win your very own Loola then head on over to the Maxi-Cosi UK Facebook Page where they are giving away one a week for the next five weeks!
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