Monday 15/7/13 - Sunday 21/7/13 Days 257 - 263 of Project 365

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Monday 15/7/13 - Sunday 21/7/13 Days 257 - 263 of Project 365

Monday #257 Balls - A very pretty review item arrived for Little Miss' room, some fairy lights. I'm really looking forward to getting them up, I think they will look really lovely. 

Tuesday #258 Gok - Jen from My Mummy's Pennies and I went up to Media City to watch the transmission of Gok Live. We had a great evening. It was both of our first experience of live television and I really admired the 'real women' showing off their figures. I don't think I would be brave enough to do it though.

Wednesday #259 Last Day - Bud had his last morning at toddlers today. I thought we would make a session after the holiday, before he starts pre-school but, after checking my diary, I realise that we will be at an event instead. There was a party and the children leaving all received beautiful cards. I was very emotional, it feels like the end of an era and the start of a new chapter. I'll miss some of the mums and children who we have got to know and who won't be coming anymore, but I will still be attending with Little Miss. Hard to think that the next time we go we won't have Bud with us.

Thursday #260 Shower - Little Miss is really loving the shower now she can sit in the bath seat and play and be washed. We don't have a bath so both of our children have had to get used to the shower early, at the moment she is much easier to wash in the shower than her big brother who complains about having his hair washed.

Friday #261 Paddling - Today was extremely warm so I refilled the paddling pool and we invited round the cousins who have now finished for the Summer. The children loved playing in the water, I set up a small pool for Little Miss but she did have a little paddle in the big pool with help from her Aunt. She loved being close to Bud and her cousins. 

Saturday #262 Bongos - We were very excited to find out that Mr Bloom and the cBeebies Big Day Out were visiting our home town this weekend and decided we had to visit it. It was really great fun with so many different activities available for the children. This is Bud taking part in the Rastamouse Reggae Workshop. He loved playing the bongos!

Sunday #263 Blog On - Today I attended the first Blog On event at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. This deserves a post all on it's own, and one is on it's way but today's photo had to be from this awesome event. I snapped this waiting for the first session to start.

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