Our Charcoal Challenge #TheCharcoalChallenge

23:04 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

We love a barbecue and have them regularly when the weather allows. We have quite a large garden so our friends and family regularly congregate there enjoy the sunshine and our gas barbecue. When Money Supermarket offered us some pennies to host a barbecue and tell you about it I said yes please and got planning!

We invited round friends and families and purchased sausages, burgers, salads and chicken and veggies to make kebabs with. There is always a lot of preparation for a barbecue but a trip down to the fantastic Bolton Market allowed us to purchase all of the fresh produce we needed for the day. Our first act of barbecue day was to fill the paddling pool. It was a really hot day so we knew that the children coming would love playing in it.

My the time everyone arrived we had food prepared, beer chilling and everything in hand. A remarkable feat of organisation by my usual standards!

All that was left to do was fire up the barbecue and cook the food that we had prepared. The menu included sausages, burgers, chicken, pepper and mushroom kebabs, fish kebabs and pork chops. To cook the latter we invested in a wooden smoking plank which you place onto your grill to give the authentic smoky flavour usually only achieved by baking on a charcoal barbecue. I, foolishly, didn't realise that the plank is for one use only as it, essentially burned away, but the flavour it gave to the meat was really good. I would definitely use one again in the future.

We had a lovely afternoon and sat long into the evening chatting with everyone. It was a thoroughly great afternoon. Thanks, Money Supermarket, for the encouragement!

Disclaimer: We received £50 from Money Supermarket to purchase BBQ supplies.