Budget Brighton: Family Seaside Adventures

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The heat wave this summer has reminded many people in this country of all the wonderful places to visit, right on their doorstep. The sunshine transforms even the most drab and dismal towns into places to be explored and enjoyed with friends and family. The UK’s beaches have been especially popular during the good weather, and families have been rediscovering all that is great about the British seaside. Even as the weather cools down a family trip to the sea front can still be an inexpensive and really fun experience. A favourite English beach resort is Brighton, and it has long been the destination of choice for holidaymakers, if you have never been it is somewhere you should certainly visit at least once. Take a look at these tips for a fun family seaside adventure on a budget.

Brighton Beach and Pier

If you want to extend a trip to Brighton and stay for more than one day then you can do so without having to spend a fortune. You can find some fantastic good size family rooms in Brighton for far less than you might expect. The best time to get good deals on accommodation is outside of the school holidays. If your kids are not yet school age you can make the most of these better prices in term time. If you do have kids in school then consider visiting on teacher training days as these still qualify as term time.

You can do lots of fun stuff on your trip that is cheap but still enjoyable, so there is no need to splash out on expensive activities. A classic seaside treat is to take a picnic to have by the waves during the day, if it is turning cold then fear not, you are British, you’re used to throwing on a jumper and ignoring the weather. If you don’t fancy a picnic then why not opt for Fish and Chips from one of the many chippies on Brighton seafront. Nothing quite matches the experience of huddling over paper wrapped hot battered fish and chippy chips whilst snuggled together as a family in warm jumpers.

The pier was once the biggest draw to this coastal city, and it is still the biggest tourist attraction in Brighton. Prices do seem to rise year on year for the rides and shows that live on the pier, but the atmosphere is still free, and two pence slot machines are a sure fire hit with the smallest members of your group. The trick is to manage expectations before you arrive, maybe give your kids a set number of rides they can go on, or a budget to stick to. This helps children to understand the value of money at the same time as having a great time.

Whatever the weather, the British seaside is a fantastic place to visit with your family. Going to Brighton is a much cheaper option than going abroad for a break and you can create some of the best family memories. Your kids may not always remember the expensive theme parks you took them to, but stories of hiding under the pier to escape a sudden shower are likely to stick with them for a lifetime.

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