Gumigem - The Pipsqueak Bubba Beads - A Review

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Back in the mists of time when I was a tiny girl like Little Miss, one of my Aunts named me Pipsqueak and it stuck. Said Aunt still calls me that, and several other members of my family too. When Gumigem offered me my choice of their fab teething necklaces for review and I spotted the name of these on their site I knew I had to choose them! They couldn't have arrived at a more timely moment, Little Miss is cutting her first teeth and will chew on anything that gets near enough to her mouth.

Gumigem is a UK based company run by a family, producing silicone jewellery. Their products are designed to be worn by mums who have babies who like to grab their jewellery and put it in their mouths. It is soft and flexible and BPA free.Bud was never into grabbing jewellery but Little Miss definitely is. I simply haven't been able to wear very much apart from a couple of other pieces of Gumigem jewellery that I picked up when I met their team at The Baby Show in May. These are pendants and bangles, I had no idea that Gumigem made beads too so was excited to try the Bubba Beads.

Gumigem Bubba Beads Pipsqueak

All Gumigem items now arrive in their own zip pouch, which is perfect for storing them when not in use. This enables the silicone to stay clean. The Bubba Beads are available in nine colours and are described as ideal for twins who might fight over a single pendant. Each necklace has seventeen beads which are arranged in groups of four broken up by single beads. The Pipsqueak beads that I received are a deep red colour with a marbled effect on a black string, with the usual Gumigem safety clasp. I've found that they have fitted right into my wardrobe and are a great colour to coordinate well with it.

Baby girl playing with the Gumigem Bubba Beads Pipsqueak

Little Miss has enjoyed chomping on the Bubba Beads a great deal. I think they offer her an interesting sensory experience as well as being safe for her to put in her mouth and she has enjoyed exploring them with both of her hands and her mouth. Even though she bites hard on the beads there are no sign of wear and tear on them whatsoever so I'm confident. Obviously, these aren't a toy and you should never leave your child alone to play with a Gumigem necklace but Little Miss does enjoy it when I take off the necklace so she can play with it a little more easily.

Modelling the Gumigem Bubba Beads Pipsqueak

I think I'll continue to wear the Gumigem Bubba beads even when Little Miss no longer chews on them They are a striking, attractive piece of jewellery and, at an RRP of £16:95 are an excellent price for a piece of jewellery AND a teething aid (excuse the squinting face - very bright sunlight on modelling day!)

Disclaimer: I received this item free of charge for the purpose of an open and honest review.