Monday 12/8/13 - Sunday 18/8/13 Days 285 - 291 of Project 365

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We've had a dull week this week barring one exciting day for me and Bud and this has coincided with my phone's screen being broken meaning that I'm not using it to take photos very often, and me losing my Project 365 mojo along the way. This is the first week that I've really struggled, which isn't too bad considering I'm really in the final strait now. We've all had colds and the weather has been awful. My selection of photos for this week doesn't inspire me at all so I thought we'd have a black and white week!

Monday #285 Fish - These are our new arrivals, we've actually had them for a few week after my Brother announced that he had bought his niece and nephew a fish each. I wasn't overly excited to receive them but Bud seems to like them and they are now a feature in our kitchen.

Tuesday #286 Nap I - The first of two sleeping photos this week, a sure symbol of my lack of inspiration! a sleeping Little Miss.

Wednesday #287 iPad - Bud and I had a lovely day out at cBeebies today where we saw the launch of their new Playtime App. Bud was soon a dab hand with the iPad mini and the new games he was playing. This isn't the photo I wanted to use today, I'm not allowed to show you that one yet!

Thursday #288 Nap II - The teething has been taking it's toll this week and Little Miss has been sleeping rather a lot. She seems to be like her Dad and take refuge in sleep when she's feeling under the weather, this morning she fell back to sleep straight after breakfast, before she was even dressed!

Friday #289 Breakfast? - My girl really, really loves her food. She's a fantastic eater and I'm yet to find anything she won't eat! She's so funny in the morning when I put her in her highchair in the morning as she shouts at me until I fill the tray with her breakfast.

Saturday #290 Profile - A quiet moment with my girl when I was getting her ready for bed. Bud and his Daddy were on Explorer Scout camp this weekend, Bud's first time away with them, so we were missing him and Little Miss was quite unsettled, I think she was looking for her big brother when it was time for her bedtime story.

Sunday #291 Returning - My boy returned from camp grubby, tired and in need of a bath but he had a wonderful time. I don't think he missed me and his sister at all. I do find it hard to be away from him but I know he had a wonderful time, he's growing up very quickly at the moment!

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