Monday 29/7/13 - Sunday 4/8/13 Days 271-277 of Project 365

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Monday #271 Finished - Weaning Little Miss has been an absolute pleasure so far. She takes real delight in her food and has yet to refuse anything offered to her. Despite her only just starting to cut teeth (one has broken through the gum but still isn't properly visible yet), she can eat most things. She's not quite on steak yet but it's only a matter of time! This was after a meal of quiche, mashed potato and carrot. She fed herself, with surprisingly little wasted. I think I have a future foodie on my hands.

Tuesday #272 Carousel - We had a fantastic day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach today (blog post on it's way), and Bud loved trying out all of the rides that he was tall enough for. He took great pleasure in so many of them and was undaunted by any of them. He may well turn out to be an adrenaline junkie like his Dad, not good for my nerves!

Wednesday #273 Morning Nap - Little Miss' teeth have been plaguing her and she isn't sleeping well. She came into our bed in the night and stayed asleep in there until 11am! She clearly needed it so I popped her back in her cot and left her to it.

Thursday #274 Rock Chick - This is a really popular toy in my house at the moment, I'm delighted to say. Little Miss really loves it and will play with it whenever she can get away with it. If her brother spots her with it he gets a bit cross so we've been talking lots about the concept of sharing recently! I'd love to say either of them are capable of lovely music but, sadly for my ears, it's definitely jangly!

Friday #275 Caterpillar - Bud found this caterpillar in the garden and told me it was a snail. He was a little mixed up as he does know about caterpillars so we talked about them, and how they turn into butterflies (and moths). We watched the caterpillar wiggle around the garden for about half an hour off and on and, when we came inside I brought up some photos online of the Cinnabar Moth to show Bud what this particular wriggler will turn into. I'd love to see it post-metamorphosis in our garden but I suspect I will miss it.

Saturday #276 Bright Eyes - This beautiful girl will be one in five weeks. I'm really wanting to pause time and keep her just like this forever at the moment!

Sunday #277 Mud Pie - We headed into Manchester for the Dig the City event today (it's on until the 11th August, if you have the chance go see it) and were delighted to see the National Trust there promoting their 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 campaign. They had five of the fifty challenges on offer today and we had lots of fun with Bud as he planted seeds, blew through a grass trumpet, built a den and made a mud pie. We'd actually ticked off two of these already but extra planting and building practice is always good! The National Trust staff were absolutely brilliant with Bud and he enjoyed himself thoroughly. We're looking forward to ticking some more off as the Summer goes by.

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