Monday 5/8/13 - Sunday 11/8/13 Days 278 - 284 of Project 365

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Monday #278 Quick Nap - Both of my children have slept well in our Cosatto Noodle high chair. Sadly it's getting a bit battered and tired now and I think we may need to replace it soon. I'll be sad to see it go as it has served us well, through weaning both Bud and Little Miss.

Tuesday #279 Sentry - Bud and I  visited Knowsley Safari Park today for a product launch today and had a wonderful day out. I'm trying to build some one-on-one time for me and him into the next few weeks before he starts nursery school. This was day one. He loved going around the park and his enthusiasm was infectious. Definitely making memories that day.

Wednesday #280 Broken - This happened yesterday when Bud pushed past me as I was standing in the doorway of our front door. My phone fell out of my hand on to the flagged patio we have in our front garden and this happened. I need to get it fixed this week.

Thursday #281 Little Lowry - Another day, another event and we attended the opening of the new Lookout Gallery at the Lowry Gallery and Theatre in Salford.. Whilst we love visiting museums as a family we haven't made it to many art galleries. Bud loved seeing the paintings and trying his hand at drawing like LS Lowry (with a little help from me) so I think we need to add a few of our favourite galleries on to the list of our usual haunts.

Friday #282 Smiler - A delivery of an order from The Essential One and some gorgeous new sleepsuits for Little Miss. They are really beautiful but are a little too big for her at the moment. They are size 9-12 months and she turned 11months this week! She really is a dainty dot. I'm finding myself taking so many photos of my girl recently. She changes by the day.

Saturday #283 Escaping - Little Miss is definitely mobile. She's a trendsetter and has patented her own particular style of getting about, she isn't a bum shuffler or a crawler, I can only describe it as a sideways bunny hop. No matter the name, she can move surprisingly quickly and she is extremely pleased with herself.

Sunday #284 Constructing - Something of a breakthrough today with a toy that I've had to review for ages and I just haven't been able to persuade Bud to be interested in. We took it along to his grandparents when we spent some time there today and he enjoyed using the screws to construct simple shapes and using the included tools to tighten and loosen the screws, with a little help from Daddy. I think it might be a sign that his play tastes are maturing as I've noticed that all of his constructions are becoming more complex recently, I think my boy is really growing up!

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