All the Fun of the Fair with 99p Stores

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When 99p Stores set us bloggers a challenge to spend £10 (well, £9:90) in their stores, we had to get our thinking caps on. Bud hasn't started school yet so the summer holidays don't quite have the same meaning for us as school-age children but it's still time to have fun as a family.

99p Stores
We had a shopping trip to one of our nearest 99p stores, in Salford, and were inspired by a recent trip to a fairground. There were lots of different outdoor toys and activities and we decided to see if we could adapt them to make a few fairground games for Bud and our nephews.

All the fun of the fair with 99p stores

We purchased:
  • A Big Bag of Popcorn
  • A bag of Haribo
  • A Diablo Set
  • Water Soaker Balls
  • Plastic Cups
  • 2x Animal Baskets
  • A pack of Foam Shapes
  • A Table Tennis Set
  • A SWAT Set
We had lots of fun, as I'm hoping the following video will show - we used the plastic cups and table tennis balls for Cuponk.. We used the SWAT set for a shooting gallery and we used the baskets and juggling balls for a throwing game. We fished for foam shapes and we practiced our circus skills and, at the end of all the fun we relaxed with Popcorn and Haribo sweets. All the fun of the fair in my Mum and Dad's back garden!

Disclaimer: We received vouchers to share our idea of a fun Summer with you and enter the 99p Stores Competition to win an iPad.