DC Super Friends, the Brand New Magazine - A Review

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Bud loves magazines. They are his favourite treat. In fact, when he won one at a party we went to last week he was more excited than later on when he won a toy! He's in his element when he is allowed to choose one as  treat and will spend ages searching out those featuring his favourite characters and the 'best' toy. When we received a copy of the brand new magazine DC Super Friends Magazine from Titan Magazines. Bud was very excited, and it was perfect timing as it arrived on the day he started nursery so was a lovely afternoon treat for him.

Issue One of DC Super Friends Magazine Comic Batman Superman Green Lantern Flash

DC Super Friends Magazine is a new magazine aimed at children aged between two and five. It's themed around four of the DC Comics stable of superheroes - Batman, Superman, The Green Lantern and The Flash and is packed with stories, activities, features and more. Every issue arrives with a free toy. This time it was a pack of two communicators with double sided screens which you can swap to change which superhero you are talking to. Bud was a bit disappointed that the aerial on the blue communicator snapped off as I removed it from the pack but this didn't affect his ability to play with them.

Issue One of DC Super Friends Magazine Comic Batman Superman Green Lantern Flash Free Communicator Toys

Bud wasn't aware of The Green Lantern and The Flash before receiving the magazine, although he was very familiar with Superman and Batman and his Dad is quite pleased that his superhero education is being improved by the magazine. Apparently these things are important! I love that the superheroes themselves are drawn in a 'cuter' way than in the original comics as I feel that this makes them much more accessible to young children, while still very recognisable. The magazine has 24 pages and I was also pleased to see two activities for children to make - a Batman mask and a Batmobile - I tend to stash these pages for when Bud asks me to make something.

This is definitely the kind of magazine that your child will enjoy looking at on their own but you will need to look through it with them for more complicated reading and the makes. It's a great opportunity to sit down and have a chat though. As far as Bud is concerned the only thing that would improve this magazine is stickers, I think the magazines we usually buy include them so he was a bit puzzled for why there weren't any in this one.

Small boy reading Issue One of DC Super Friends Magazine Comic Batman Superman Green Lantern Flash pages activities makes

We've really enjoyed reading the magazine together and the toys have been a hit. The magazine is monthly and priced at £2:99 which is very competitive for a monthly magazine, I definitely think we would buy it again, especially next month as the free toy is a pull back helicopter! There is also a fab subscription offer priced at £7:80 for three issues, by direct debit (which saves 20%). Just visit www.titanmagazines.com/DCSF1 to take advantage of the offer.

Disclaimer: We received this magazine free of charge in exchange for an open and honest review.