Fresh Fun from Tefal!

15:14 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

We love our Tefal Fresh Express and, since it arrived, it has been so much easier to prepare fresh and healthy food for my family. Tefal have launched a brand new campaign to promote Fresh Fun to help inject more fun into preparing fresh ingredients.

A Little Fresh Fun with the Tefal Fresh Express

With over a third of ten and eleven year olds in the UK being described as overweight or obese it's never been more important to encourage children to eat more healthily, and that starts at home. Tefal's new microsite aims to offer lots of ideas, and tasty recipes, to make eating fresh ingredients fun. You can even download three templates to make some Fresh Fun Art! Great for getting those fussy eaters involved.

 A Little Fresh Fun with the Tefal Fresh Express Download Templates Friendly DragonflyA Little Fresh Fun with the Tefal Fresh Express Claire Clown Downloadable Templates

Tefal Ambassador, Faye Ripley is the face of the new campaign and she stars in an animated video which shows just how to use the Tefal Fresh Express to make food fun. Faye has two children at home so I'm sure it's a problem she has faced just like the rest of us!

Check out Tefal's Twitter and Facebook accounts for more puzzles and competitions, including the chance to win your very own Fresh Express!