A Sweet Treat... from Pringles?

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Last week I was invited to London for a top secret introduction to a brand new product which was so top secret that the only thing we were told is that it was a food product. Sadly I couldn't manage to arrange childcare so I ended up unable to travel but I was told to expect a parcel in the post. A few days later a lovely bronze box arrived, all tied up with ribbon which I eagerly opened to find... Pringles. Sweet Pringles.

Pringles have launched two limited edition flavours for the holiday season - Sweet Cinnamon and Mint Choc Chip. Your typical Pringles but with a unique sweet twist. Upon opening the box and seeing the very festive packaging I really didn't know what to expect. Would they be chocolate covered?

Sweet Cinnamon and Mint Choc Chip Pringles

To open you simply 'pop' the can as usual and you are greeted by a tube of Pringles which looks very like any other. The only difference is the flavour.

First of all we tried the Mint Choc Chip. I was really expecting actual chocolate on these but they are just the usual Pringles chips with the flavouring of Mint Choc Chip. The flavour is strong and minty. It is a refreshing flavour which worked well when we tried them with a little ice cream.

My favourite of the two flavours was Sweet Cinnamon. I'm a huge fan of cinnamon in anything and I will seek out foods which feature it. These crisps are dusted with the flavouring, which makes them a little golden. The flavour itself is reminiscent of cinnamon breakfast pastries and, as we've eaten through the tube I like them more and more. They seem to be popular with the whole family and a certain little girl was spotted sneaking one the other day. I think she liked them.

Sweet Cinnamon and Mint Choc Chip Pringles

Sweet Cinnamon and Mint Choc Chip Pringles are available now, and throughout the festive period. They are priced at £2:49 for 190g and are available in Tesco, Morrison's and Sainsbury's.

Disclosure: I received two tubes of Pringles in exchange for an honest review.