A #Patterntastic Spring/Summer 2014 at Cosatto Towers

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I'm a big fan of Cosatto and they feature regularly here on Red Rose Mummy. Living just a few minutes walk away from Cosatto Towers means that, when I receive an invitation to go and see them, I'm always delighted to accept. When the invitation is to come and have a sneak preview of their new range, including the opportunity to chat to the lovely Cosatto staff and other bloggers, and drink prosecco and eat yummy food, well, lets just say I was excited.

Cosatto Spring Summer 2014 Press Launch

The two things you're always guaranteed when you visit Cosatto are colour and patterns, and today was no exception. From the Christmas tree festooned with a riot of colour, to a truly beautiful rainbow cake, made by the lovely Lottie who looks after Cosatto social media, you can see how committed the team are to their mantra 'saving the world from boring baby stuff.'

As soon as we arrived in the showroom (some people choosing the slide but I was more restrained on this occasion, an unfortunate knee-meets-Playmobil fence incident meant that the stairs were the way for me) it was clear to see that there were some exciting new products to show us. The eye-catching colours and prints on display had us eagerly awaiting demonstrations. First we saw the finalised version of the brand new Cosatto Ooba which I talked about, a lot, in my post about their Autumn Winter launch, back in June. This beautiful travel system is now market-ready and will be on sale very soon. I loved the prototype we saw in the Summer but the finished article is even better. It's a luxurious, elegant pram which marks a real departure for Cosatto, while adding perfectly to their range. I want one but I'd probably have to have another baby to justify it and that isn't going to happen. I was really pleased to see the final colour of the Marzipan version of the Ooba as I wasn't sure about it the first time I saw it, it's a really lovely, warm shade now though. The Ooba's marketing campaign is just as beautiful as their pushchairs with a vintage fifties style. Look out for it accompanying the travel system when it is on display in stores.

Cosatto Spring Summer 2014 Launch of the Ooba

The next range we were shown to was the Giggle and it was clear to see some new additions on display. The most striking print is the brand new Pixelate. This is available in Giggle, Supa and on the 3Sixti2. If you look closely at the Christmas tree in the top photo you'll see that the base is printed with design. Pixelate uses printing methods that only Cosatto have embraced so far in the baby market. It's a bright, striking, interesting and, actually, beautiful print which I can imagine will be hugely popular. I tweeted a photo of the Giggle Pixelate last week and my timeline went crazy. There seems to be a lot of love for Pixelate and it isn't even on the streets yet. In addition to the Pixelate print there are new Giggles in Red Bubble and Oaker. I really loved Red Bubble when I saw it as a car seat for the first time in the Summer and it is stunning as a Giggle Travel System. I think this was my favourite print of the day and I couldn't resist a little push. The vibrant print and striking red, metallic chassis are just gorgeous. Oaker, with a Scandinavian-style leaf print features a more muted palette but is also beautiful. I think we are going to be seeing a lot of the new Giggle designs on the streets soon.

Cosatto Giggle Pixelate and Red Bubble Spring Summer 2014

Next we were shown the more lightweight of Cosatto's strollers. The Yo! and the Supa. We have the Yo! in Green Apple and we love it, it's the perfect pushchair when we need a more compact option and the umbrell fold means that it doesn't look too unsightly propped in the corner of our lounge, it's current home. The new range of Yo! features something Cosatto have never done before - a Special Edition. The Camosatto is a fantastic design with camouflage styling, a funky messenger bag, just perfect for your Little Explorer. Pixels are present in the Yo! too with a more girly take on the trend presented in the Pixel Heart. The fab Monobloom is going to be generally available soon too, previously it was a Very exclusive.

Cosatto Yo! Camosatto Spring Summer 2014

The fantastic Pixelate print is present in the new Supa range. I think I actually like the Supa Pixelate better than I do the Giggle, just personal preference. The Supa is a fantastic stroller with so many functions, from the gadget windows and speakers to the ability to stand it up when it is folded, and the reversible footmuff, it really is fantastic. You get double the wow factor with the brand new Pixelate in Supa Dupa.

Cosatto Supa Pixelate Spring Summer 2013

In addition to the wonderful new pushchairs and travel systems we saw new car seats - Cosatto have launched Isofix and belted car seat bases for their Hold car seat - including a beautiful new Scootle in Spectroscope. We were also treated to a sneaky peek at a brand new Koochi travel system which will come in at the top end of their range. It's looking like a fantastic 2014 ahead for patterntastic Cosatto.

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