Olly the Little White Van

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I think most parents of pre-schoolers will probably be aware of Olly the Little White Van, a cartoon show featuring the title character and his friends, living in the town of Bumpton. Olly is voiced by children's favourite Justin Fletcher who brings his usual charm and wit to the role. We first became aware of it on Cartoonito but the series can also be seen on Milkshake and Boomerang.

Olly the Little White Van
Olly the Little White Van helps his friends as much as he can. He isn’t a racing car or fire engine, but he and his driver Stan are very good at helping everyone out, every day. Like an enthusiastic puppy he bounds around the village of Bumpton talking to everyone, and is happiest when he is setting up a new bus service to the seaside, helping Alice when she is preparing for her driving test, or sprucing up an old VW.
We were recently sent a DVD featuring a range of episodes, including eight never before seen and Bud was really pleased with it, and the opportunity to watch Olly 'whenever I want to Mummy!' The show is aimed at children aged between two and six and I would say it is pitched perfectly for that age group. Each episode lasts only five minutes, which is very short but the perfect length to tell each story and act as a quick TV break. Life doesn't always go Olly's way but he is always thoughtful and tries his best. With a song in each episode even Little Miss, at sixteen months, enjoys dancing along to the music. We're huge Olly fans and the DVD and new episodes are just as good as those that have gone before, we'll definitely be trying to catch the new episodes when they air on Milkshake.

In addition to the TV episodes Olly the Little White Van will be showing in cinemas with two half hour specials premiering in Picturehouse Cinemas on 24th February. For a complete list of screenings please see UKMums.tv

The Olly the Little White Van website is also a favourite of Bud's. It features fun and games, episode clips and a parents zone to support your child when watching the show. Bud's favourite game is Jethro's Jigsaw Japes, because it features his favourite character. You can also find out exactly when Olly is being shown on TV in the 'On TV' section.

Do your children like Olly the Little White Van? Who is their favourite character?

Disclaimer: We received a DVD but all thoughts and opinions are our own.