The Ella's Kitchen Mini Incredible Edible Forest

17:57 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Last week I was invited to an event with Ella's Kitchen, we couldn't attend but I wanted to share the details of it with you. Ella's Kitchen have created the world's first toddler sized edible forest, made entirely of organic fruit and vegetables!

The edible forest has been created to launch Ella's Kitchen's new range of toddler meals. This will have six recipes which all feature at least five different fruits and vegetables! This video shows off the forest perfectly.

The edible forest was created by food artist Prudence Staite and features over 600 kilograms of fruit and vegetables, it took six people more than 460 hours to create! The forest stands at 1.8 metres high, perfectly scaled for toddlers, and aims to show them that food is fun, promoting sensory experiences with food for little ones should help them to eat their veggies! The forest enables little ones to help themselves with 23 different types of fruit and vegetables, from leek palm trees and bell pepper flowers to carrot hedgehogs!

Ella's Dad, Paul Lindley says:
“At Ella’s Kitchen, we think fruit and vegetables are healthy, delicious and most importantly, fun! That’s why we wanted to create an incredible edible experience designed to excite little ones’ senses and encourage them to try a whole host of yummy different tastes and textures. 
Our edible forest captures the excitement and adventure of discovering delicious new flavours, and we hope the mini taste explorers who visit the edible forest enjoy their scrummy healthy eating journey."

Sadly it's too late to check out the edible forest at the fantastic Horniman Museum but you can visit the Ella's Kitchen website for more information on their products..