The Return of Zoe and Beans

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Last year we discovered Zoe and Beans when the lovely people at Macmillan Kids sent us Hello Oscar and How Many Pets and Look at Me, the first two board books to review. Little Miss was especially delighted with the board books and Zoe and Beans are definitely well loved characters for her which she often chooses at bedtime.

When we received a parcel from Macmillan at the weekend and I showed LM the contents she got very excited! She instantly recognised her favourites and started laughing and clapping. I really wish I'd videoed her reaction to share with you, I suspect she is Zoe and Beans' number one fan. We received the brand new board books - We're Not Scared and Hello Ladybird.

Zoe and Beans We're Not Scared Board Book

We're Not Scared sees the three main characters - Zoe, Beans and Oscar - joined by Oscar's new baby sister Evie. They have a very adventurous day and aren't scared by anything at all, or are they? We've loved reading this book together and LM loves the 'we're not scared' refrain which runs throughout. Evie is a really sweet new character and LM kept pointing at her, I think she might identify with the baby sister!

Zoe and Beans Hello Ladybird Board Book

Hello Ladybird is the second new title. Zoe finds a ladybird and it vanishes, children have to help Zoe and Beans to find the ladybird and we can spot it on each page. We all enjoyed this story when it was read at bedtime and Bud loved helping LM to spot the ladybird.

Reading Zoe and Beans at bedtime

Both books are short and are definitely aimed at young toddlers, I would say from around age one to three. Bud isn't as interested in them as his sister but he loves how excited she gets with them and is also happy to show them to her, or she will look at them on her own too. I really enjoy that LM recognises the characters and books now and that she shows a clear preference, we're amassing a small collection of Zoe and Beans books now so these should keep her happy for sometime.

The Zoe and Beans books are available from all usual stockists and from Amazon, with an RRP of £5:99, well worth it for a series of books which my little girl adores.

Disclosure: We were sent the books in exchange for an honest review.

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