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Our friends at Bump PR have launched a new review system to put the best of baby and toddler products through their paces and we are delighted to be in the first group of #BumpJudges. We are huge fans of the TUMTUM range and received their Trainee Egg Set to review. This comprises of a moulded egg cup plate,with room for soldiers, made from brightly printed melamine, and a spoon with a plastic, printed handle.

TUMTUM Trainee Egg Set Review #BumpJudges

The TUMTUM range was developed by a husband and wife duo when they got frustrated that they could not find fun and engaging products to encourage their little ones to enjoy meal times. Each product has been designed to look good through the use of simple bold colour, whilst holding the interest of the small user through brightly coloured animal illustrations. Even better, all the packaging is fully recyclable and it can be coloured in too!

The set arrives in a cardboard bag, perfect as a gift set for anyone wanting to avoid giving toys for any reason and it's clear to see the bright printing on the plate and spoon straight away. Regular readers will know that Bud is obsessed by animals so the farm scene printed on the plate was an instant hit, as were the chicks on the spoon which he immediately started counting. Bud tried out the set with a boiled egg and soldiers, this is something that he will eat occasionally but can sometimes refuse. I wanted to see if this exciting new set would encourage him to eat straight away. It did. The plate really engaged his attention as he sat eating his breakfast, and he sat and talked about all of the different animals, what they were doing and why.

TUMTUM Trainee Egg Set Review #BumpJudges

I think this is an excellent set. The thought that has gone into the design is clear. The plate is exactly the right size for one slice of bread and the large boiled egg we used fitted perfectly into the egg cup with no wobbling whatsoever. The fact that the plate is moulded means that there aren't any little corners for crumbs or mess to get trapped in and it is, of course dishwasher safe and reassuringly BPA and Phthalate and PVC free. The spoon has been designed to give children extra room to grip the handle and get to the bottom of their egg with it and this works well too. We've used their cutlery before when we reviewed the Tiny Cutlery Set which still gets daily use in our house so I know their products last well too. The whole set is super sturdy which means any unfortunate spills or drops shouldn't cause any damage.

The RRP of the set is £12:50 which is quite expensive for a set of this kind, especially if you are buying for more than one child and in view of the fact that an older child might start to reject the design as babyish, but I think it would make an excellent gift and I would definitely buy one, in fact I think I may have to purchase one for Little Miss as she took over Bud's boiled egg last week and wolfed it down. It fits nicely on to the tray on her highchair too. Red Rose Daddy's suggestion of using it with a creme egg won't be taken on board though!

TUMTUM Trainee Egg Set Review #BumpJudges

We are really pleased with the TUMTUM Trainee Egg Set and I think it will get regular use in our house, it's a mess free way for your toddler to get to grips with boiled eggs themselves and we award the set 4/5 which means that we think it deserves the 'Bump Loves' star.

#BumpJudges Bump Loves

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Disclosure: We received this product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.