WOW Toys Easter Eggs - Alternative Easter Giveaway and Review

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We are huge fans of WOW Toys, their bright, colourfully designed chunky toys are popular with both Little Miss and Bud, I love that the toys never require batteries and promote role play and imaginative play, their standard age range covers both of my two so they are genuinely a toy that can be shared, and the children love how they can interchange all of their figures and toys with one another. When I found out that WOW Toys have launched Easter Eggs this year, I was really excited to see what they would be like and whether they would offer a good alternative to chocolate eggs.

WOW Toys Easter Eggs My Dinky Dino My Tweety Chick

New for Easter 2014 are two WOW Toys Easter Eggs - My Dinky Dino and My Chirpy Chick. When we received them I was intrigued. The eggs are brightly coloured and printed with footprints from the animal inside My Dinky Dino arrives in a turquoise egg, whilst My Chirpy Chick is yellow. The eggs are made from hard plastic which opens into two pieces on a zig zag line around the WOW Toys logo. Inside you find your new little friend sitting in the middle of the egg, surrounded by pictures of some of their favourite things. The Dinky Dino and Chirpy Chick fit in to the range of WOW Toys animals already on the market, with the customary base which allows them to ride in the animal spaces in vehicles. Both are bright and very sweet. If you press on the dino or chick when it is standing in it's egg it will squeak!

WOW Toys Easter Eggs My Dinky Dino My Tweety Chick

When I saw that the contents were just one animal I did wonder if the egg would hold my children's attention, I was surprised. Bud and Little Miss played with them in very different ways. LM loved putting then in to the eggs and swapping them around whereas Bud was very keen on making sure the right animal was in the correct egg. He very quickly went to get a trailer from another WOW Toys vehicle so he could put the dino into it, he instinctively knew that these were WOW, I suspect he got that from the packaging even before the egg was opened. LM loved the squeaky egg and enjoyed making the sound with both the chick and dino and her fingers. She also enjoyed opening and closing the eggs and swapping the lids over. Great for improving the fine motor skills  of the younger end of the 18 months - 5 years old age range.

WOW Toys Easter Eggs My Dinky Dino My Tweety Chick

The WOW Toys Easter Eggs have an RRP of £4:99 which I think is good value for money, as an alternative to chocolate. It's more expensive than an animal would be in a small set or in the 'My Pocket Friends' range but. I was surprised at how much the egg was part of the toy, just as much as the contents, my children have played with both equally. I'd definitely buy these for nephews and nieces instead of chocolate.

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