Bobux Step Up Ice-Cap Trainers

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Regular readers will know that I am delighted that Bobux will be my sponsor for Britmums Live next month and I'm so pleased to be representing a company that I trust with my children's feet! Bud received a pair of Everest Boots a little while ago and I'm happy to say that they are serving him really well and still in excellent condition, despite the biking, scooting and playing football he does in them daily!

When Bobux got in touch recently to offer Little Miss a pair of their brand new Ice-Cap trainers I was rather excited. At 20 months LM is still in size 3 shoes and this can be really limiting when I'm looking for funky alternatives to the standard fare offered on the high street. I'm limited to dedicated shoe retailers as most of the stores that sell shoes alongside clothes start at size 4. This can make choice small, especially for more casual shoes.

Bobux Ice-Cap Step Up Trainers Colour Range i-walk Casual

The Ice Cap trainer is a brand new style for Bobux and is available in both the i-walk (sizes 3.5-11, for confident walkers) and Step Up (sizes 2-5, for first walkers) ranges. Although Little Miss has been walking for around six months I thought that the Step Up trainers would be a better fit for her than the i-walk shoes and we received them in size 3.5.

The shoes feature Bobux' brand new splashtex™ leather. The splashtex™ leather on the toe provides added protection from dirt and water and offers robust protection for active toddlers. The Step Up Ice-Cap casual trainer (RRP £32) with its splashtex™ leather on the toe is available in a range of lollipop colours for boys and girls - red, cobalt, lipstick, blossom and biscuit.

Bobux Ice-Cap Step Up Trainers Close Up i-walk

We chose red for LM's shoes and straight out of the box she loved them. She really loves shoes and can often be found playing with them instead of toys, she can be a strange little thing! The red and white shoes contrast really well and offer a bowling-style look, really retro and very funky. They aren't a typical 'trainer' but are the perfect casual shoe for an active toddler. The leather is beautifully soft and they are so easy to fit. The laces are decorative and the shoe is secured using the velcro band. The sole is super flexible, with the customary Bobux design that we love Bud was delighted that Little Miss now has shoes 'just like mine Mummy'. The splashtex™ leather offers a shiny finish to the toe area and, despite it being white, it hasn't marked or scuffed since she has started to wear them. They look as good as new even though she has worn them every day for the last week.

Bobux Ice-Cap Red Step Up Trainers Being Worn

The shoes have an RRP of £32 which I think is reasonable. Shoes are something that I refuse to skimp on as foot health in children is so important. They are excellent quality and I know that LM is wearing a pair of shoes that have been designed for growing feet and to ensure her comfort. I love the range of colours available and that these shoes are truly unisex. The red suits her personality, and wardrobe brilliantly, and it's clear to see that she loves them simply by how she walks around in them. Another Bobux hit in our house.

Disclosure: We received the shoes in exchange for this review.
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