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I so enjoyed reading all of your posts that were linked up to the first week of What's Happened? What's Happening? I've read and shared every one and I'm hoping, as the weeks go by, that this linky will grow and it will become somewhere that's the first stop for anyone writing up an event post.

Every week I'm going to be featuring a couple of the previous week's posts. In What's Happened? these might be those that I loved, I wished I'd been to or just posts that I thought were a brilliant summary of exactly what their author got up to. If I have a few posts linking to the same event then you'll see that reflected too.  In What's Happened it will, hopefully, be events that I want to shout about a little, especially if they are ongoing or haven't happened yet.

Last week saw fifteen link ups to What's Happened and there were some brilliant posts, from blogger picnics to The Baby Show, and crazy golf to cBeebies Land, I think there was something for everyone! My featured posts this week represent some of our favourite things to do as a family though - visit historic sites. We're in Wales this week and we've visited a couple of castles, my children love to wander all over them and Bud is really starting to imagine how life must have been 'in the olden days Mummy.' Bex from ClearlyBex linked up her family's visit to Blists Hill Victorian Town in Ironbridge. We visited Ironbridge when Bud was a baby and I'd love to go back with him and his sister now he is old enough to understand better. It's a fantastic family day out. Bex also has reviews of some of the other sites in Ironbridge as her family are reviewing them all, well worth a read if you are planning a visit.

My second choice for What's Happened features somewhere I would love to visit, and somewhere that is quite similar to Ironbridge, in that it has a varied range of attractions in a small area. Mama Frog and Froggy went to Beaulieu Abbey proving that children are never too young to get out and explore. They have written about other attractions at Beaulieu too. I think both Bex and Mama Frog both have a great series of posts here and I might have to bump Beaulieu up our 'to visit' list.

In What's Happening? 'A Family Day Out' wrote a brilliant post with a long list of ideas for ways to get out and about in June. I think most people will find something that they can access in that list, I was particularly interested in Lego Brick City at the Titanic Museum in Belfast. Northern Ireland always looks so beautiful and combining this amazing museum with Lego has to be a sure fire hit. Another post which, while it doesn't feature history, I can't bear to leave out, is Kiddy Reviews' visit to Baby Friendly Odeon Cinema screenings. I wish I'd seen these when Bud was a baby. The cinema has long been a passion of mine and it's something I seldom get to indulge now, anything that makes it easier for adults to keep visiting the cinema, at least for a little while, when they have children deserves promoting.

So, here's this week's linky. As usual, it is in two sections. First 'What's Happened'  and then 'What's Happening'. Please link up to two posts in each section and, why not check out the rest of the links while you are here? I'd love it if you would add my badge to your post too. Remember to look out for #WHWH on Social Media.

What's Happened? What's Happpening - Historic Days Out