Dear Bud - On Your First Day at School

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Dear Bud

Bud in school uniform

Tomorrow we will walk you through the school gates into a brand new adventure. One that you will take on your own, experiencing new influences, making friends and venturing into education properly for the first time. 

I look at you now, the strong, robust, bright and funny little boy who made me a Mummy and think 'where has my baby gone?' This day seemed a long way away when we first brought you home nearly 4.5 years ago. Reception seemed impossibly grown up then, it still does today and I look at you wondering how you can be big enough for school. On the other hand I see your thirst for knowledge, your passion to learn and I know that a new environment with all that it will bring is exactly what you need right now. You're desperate to read and I can't wait for you to bring home the words and the first reading book for us to pore over together.

We've had a wonderful Summer with holidays, days out, time with friends and lots of fun. Your standard phrase has been 'I'm so lucky' which makes me smile every time you say it. You've played so nicely with your Sister, especially through my recent sadness at our friends' loss, and have shown your sensitivity with lots of well-timed hugs.

You're asleep on the sofa while I write this. I wonder how you will deal with the tiredness of a few days in school. It's your Sister's second birthday on Saturday and we'd rather not have a grumpy Bud to celebrate with! Lots of early nights and rest will be needed I think. 

I know you're ready for the next step so it doesn't matter if I am. I can't wait to hear all about your new friends and everything else you will have to tell us. I hope you keep your passion for everything, your enthusiasm and excitement, and that your teachers nurture that, just as we try to. Let's see if anyone else can keep up with your Dinosaur and animal knowledge! 

I'm sure I will shed a few tears tomorrow as I snap you in your uniform and we stand in the school yard, and when I walk home afterwards. I wonder if you will be worried, or excited. I'm hoping for the latter. I'll be there at 3:25 waiting to give you the biggest hug and take you home, and ready to hear all about it.

Lots of love