Our Autumn #VitaPicnic

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The weeks have been running away from us recently with school and then busy weekends so we have been in need of some time to reconnect a little. Recently Vita Coco Kids sent us a fantastic picnic hamper and invited us to get out and share our Autumn #VitaPicnic so this was a great opportunity to go and spend some time as a family.

#VitaPicnic Hamper

I've written many times before about the Country Park that lies within walking distance of our house.. We love to take a walk to feed the ducks and play on the park there and, as we've not had the chance to visit for a while, we decided to take our picnic there. The Country Park is based around a set of mill lodges and has walking and cycling trails, a centre which runs children's activities in the school holidays and weekends, playgrounds and lots of wildlife. We are very lucky to have it within just ten minutes walk of our home.

#VitaPicnic at Crompton Lodges

With Bud on his scooter and LM on her new toddlebike, we soon found the perfect spot for a little picnic. It was a bit too wet to use our lovely picnic blanket on the floor but it made a great tablecloth instead! Bud and LM loved trying out the two flavours of Vita Coco Kids (Apple and Blackcurrant and Mango and Pineapple) with the Apple and Blackcurrant being the favourite. I had to try them myself and found them really pleasant, refreshing with a lovely fruity flavour. I think I will definitely be picking some more of these up in our next supermarket shop.

Trying out Vita Coco Drinks at our #VitaPicnic

It was rather windy so after our picnic was completed we walked over to feed the ducks, geese and swans. They seemed rather hungry and were very pleased to see us. LM hasn't really fed them properly herself before and cried when the bread ran out! There's a real range of waterfowl on the various lakes and the children loved saying hello to this years cygnets who we've seen lots of this year.They are now almost the same size as their parents but still have brown, fluffy feathers instead of the snow white of the mature swans.

As the weather was growing cooler we decided to head home after feeding our feathered friends but we all loved spending some time outdoors in one of our favourite spots and I'm sure our picnic basket will get lots more use in the future!

Disclosure: We received a picnic hamper from Vita Coco Kids to help with this post.